7 Thoughts You Have When You're Sick
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7 Thoughts You Have When You're Sick

I'm dying.

7 Thoughts You Have When You're Sick
Sarah Brooks

As I'm writing this, I'm laying in bed with a cold.

I can only assume that this sudden sickness was brought about by the weather of late - one day it's 70 degrees and sunny outside, the next it's snowing. That may seem extreme and may be a bit of an exaggeration, but over the last month we have seen both weather extremes here in Iowa.

Here are some things that have gone through my head since I started having a sore throat couple days ago:

1. It will go away quickly

Sure, I'm starting to get a sore throat halfway through my workday. And it's awful that I'm starting to lose my voice. But once I get home, take some Vitamin C and cold meds, and get in 8 hours of sleep, it'll be gone, right?

2. I feel like death

Wrong. While I took meds and vitamins, I got terrible sleep, waking up about 5 times throughout the night. So not only am I sick at work, but I feel tired too. At least the sore throat is gone. But there's a massive headache and I'm all congested.

3. I am "resting"

I head home early on Friday to get some sleep. But instead of sleeping I order some comfort food and binge watch Netflix and am invited to hang out with friends. I should go be social.

4. I feel fine

Bad life choice. The fact that I'm showing up at their place with a bottle of apple juice as my beverage of choice for the evening means that I'm still not healthy enough to be out in the world. Two hours into hanging out with people, I hit a wall and go home to sleep.

5. I am never getting better

By now it's Saturday morning. All weekend plans have been canceled, and all the company I have is my dog who sometimes would rather sleep in his kennel than cuddle with me.

6. I feel......better

I'm not fine yet. I still have a headache. And sometimes am still coughing. But I've forced myself to rest without distractions. And am still drinking water and keeping up with some cold meds and vitamins.

7 *hope for the future*

Maybe I'll be better that I can continue with my Sunday plans. In reality, I will probably be recovering over the next week, as I over-ambitiously push myself too hard. But I should really lay low for a while. I guess we'll see...

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