7 Things To Stop Doing If You Want 2017 To Be Your Year
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7 Things To Stop Doing If You Want 2017 To Be Your Year

Seven little keys to happiness.

7 Things To Stop Doing If You Want 2017 To Be Your Year

We see it basically every time we get on any form of social media. Another person complaining about how 2016 was “totally the worst” . . . okay, but did you ever stop and think “maybe I am the reason 2016 was so miserable?” In order for this next year to be as amazing as it can be, there are certain things that need to come to an end as this year wraps up.

1. Stop trying to please everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, you CANNOT please everyone. What is the point in even trying this year? It is only going to cause unnecessary stress in your life. Be yourself and the right people will always be happy with you and your choices. “I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” –Ed Sheeran

2. Stop with the constant negativity.

That whole “2016 sucks” “poor me” attitude is getting pretty old and doing you absolutely no good. Really? Did absolutely nothing good happen this past year? If you’d stop and think about it, I bet you’d realize you had a pretty dang good year. There are people that’d love to have your bad days. Practice reckless optimism and your life will begin to change. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” –Abraham Lincoln

3. Stop the hatefulness.

I cannot stress this enough. Choosing to love and care is the only thing that is going to make this world a better place. It is easy to see the dirt in people. Instead, try looking for the gold. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t. Hate is so destructive and in no way are you going to have a good year with that kind of poisonous emotion. “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” –anonymous

4. Stop judging others.

For the love of god, STOP USING DRAMA AS A BONDING TOOL. There is so much more to people than meets the eye. There is a reason why people are the way they are, a story behind everyone. Think about that and respect them for who they are. This starts out by simply accepting yourself. “When you don’t judge yourself, you stop judging others too. That makes you more human, more compassionate, more understanding.” –Osho

5. Stop being boring.

If you want 2017 to be one for the books, you have got to try some new things. Ever feel like you are kind of just going through the motions? You don’t always have to do something drastic to get out of your comfort zone. Try a new restaurant, go to a movie you wouldn’t normally see, book a random flight, jump out of a plane if you’re feeling it. Or not, you could just try a different haircut. “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” –Charles Bukowski

6. Stop putting yourself down.

You will never get anywhere without self-love. You yourself deserve as much love and recognition as anyone else, never forget that. If you keep avoiding self-love, how could anyone else ever learn to love you? Stop being so hard on yourself. Be thankful for the grief that has softened you, the heartaches you thought you’d never get through, and the suffering that has made you stronger and wiser. Despite all of this, you still continue to grow. That is something to be proud of. “Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done.” –Rudy Francisco

7. Stop living in the past.

There is no way you can have a beautiful year if you are constantly dwelling on what could have been. It is time to accept the things that have happened and move on. If you don’t leave your past in the past, it will destroy your future. Learn to let go of the things you cannot change. Let go of what is already gone. Wonderful things are up ahead. “You’re mourning the loss of what you thought your life was going to be. Let it go. Things don’t always work out how you plan. That’s not necessarily bad. Things have a way of working out anyway.” –Frasier Crane

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