7 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

7 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Don't fall asleep!

Were your weekend plans ruined because mother nature decided to unleash an ungodly amount or rain directly over your home? Same here. But don't worry, not all is lost. Here are a few things to keep you from banging your head against the wall, or the dreaded Netflix and chill.

1. Get Baked

No, not that, silly. Look up a new recipe and get cooking! Nothing is better than warm cookies and your favorite movie on a rainy day. Try something new, or a favorite recipe.

2. Stretch It Out

There are a few things I love more than napping - and yoga is one of them. Find a quiet spot where you can focus on the sound of the rain. Relax on your favorite mat and slow down your thoughts.

3. Get That Paper Done

Get it over with, you know you wouldn't want to do homework on a gorgeous day when everyone is going out. You can do it, just stay focused.

4. Candles, Bubbles, and Books

Do you have a disgusting amount of bath bombs? Use 'em today! It's dark and rainy outside, so take a bubble bath, light some candles and bring the book you're reading - just don't drop it like me (oops). Also, don't light your book on fire, please.

5. Catch a Movie

Go see that movie you've been dying to watch. Grab some snacks from the drugstore (because I'll be damned if I pay $4 for Skittles), jump in the car and go. Ask someone to go, or go by yourself. You're in the dark, who cares?

6. Indoor Things Can be Fun Too

There are plenty of indoor parks and activities lying around. From Go Karting, to trampoline parks, you can always find something to do when boredom strikes.

7. Binge Watch Food Network and Make Dinner

Round up some friends and make dinner together. I can't list the amount of times I've done this. It's so fun and so worth it. And it beats putting on real clothes and spending $30 on dinner.

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6 Reasons Millennials Love Subscription Boxes

Everyone loves nostalgia.

I finally realize as to why subscription boxes are becoming bigger and bigger today. If you haven’t noticed, many major companies are creating subscription boxes and promoting them more than ever before. I think this is due to people wanting the chance to buy themselves a gift that they wouldn’t otherwise buy themselves, and allow them to try new products they wouldn’t typically purchase. Here are 6 other reasons subscription boxes are growing in popularity:

6. You can get one for just about anything.

I know we all shop online a great deal. We spend a LOT of time on the internet which at some point leads us to online retailers. This can be Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart, Target, etc. Online shopping makes for amazing gifts for friends and family, and subscription boxes are even more specialized to help you get that certain someone the perfect gift! You can get a subscription box for everyone and have it tailored to something they truly enjoy and appreciate.

5. They get shipped straight to you.

Subscription boxes could not be any easier! You order them online and they come straight to your door! In this world of growing instant gratification - with next day shipping and movies immediately released on Netflix - people love to make everything as easy for ourselves as possible. If this means ordering something online and getting it shipped directly then that is exactly what we will do.

4. You can just get one.

One of the best parts about subscriptions boxes is that you can always buy one to see how you’ll like it. You can try out a box and buy it because the theme of the box that month is appealing. For example, some companies change the themes of their boxes every month, giving customers a variety of items to test out. Some people may only want one or two of those themes and they can buy those boxes separately instead of buying boxes for a full year. One box can also make for a great birthday gift!

3. The LOVE of surprises!!

People enjoy surprises and the sensation of not knowing what they are about to get. I attribute this to surprises making us feel like kids all over again. Who didn’t love opening gifts on their birthday as a kid?! Subscription boxes allow us the chance to surprise ourselves and receive a small gift once a month that we would otherwise not purchase. After a long week of work, seeing that package at your door is so gratifying, and leaves us eager to see what could be inside.

2. Love for their childhood!

Have you noticed the increase in vintage themed items coming back around? If not then you might need to get out more. I attribute this to people’s love for their childhood and anything that reminds them of it. Disney just last week announced that once a month this year they will be putting out new merchandise that is considered vintage collectibles like a black and white Mickey Mouse. This push for new vintage themed items is one thing that companies like IGN and Disney are using to get new subscribers.

1. People don’t know what they want.

When I get asked by friends and family what I would like for holiday or birthday gifts, I usually don’t have an answer. I tend to not know what I want until I see the item and then realize it is something I would really enjoy. Even then, I have a hard time deciding what I truly want because I am so indecisive. This is because we are exposed to so many choices every single day that we have a hard time deciding on what we want until we see what is in front of us. With subscription boxes, choosing a theme or a product is made simple, and instead of choosing a specific brand, the company will send you items in the hopes that you will enjoy them! If for some reason you don’t, they will tweak the items every month to make sure you find items that you do enjoy!

Subscription boxes will not be going away anytime soon. People thought online shopping was not going to last, and that sites like Zappos would never work because people only purchased shoes in stores. As people get older and busier, they will want more items delivered to them to hopefully decrease the amount of time they spend running errands. For things like shopping, subscription boxes will be the perfect tool to save you time and keep the excitement alive. Not only are these boxes uniquely crafted to fit their customer, but they are filled with items that you now love, all thanks to that box arriving at your door once a month.

Cover Image Credit: Victor Santos

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The 5 WORST Foods at West Texas A&M's 'Caf'

What the Caf doesn't want the kids on tours to know!

If you've ever toured WT you may have noticed that the tour guides walk you around the long lines at the caf and towards a table loaded with delicacies catered by the best of Aramark.  Sure, it's possible you may have been treated better on other University tours, but that's just because WT wants to immerse you in the daily life of a college student, right?  WRONG!  Behind the glamorous facade of crescent roll sandwiches, Dr. Pepper Punch and buff cookies lies truly hideous dishes that will scare even the gruffest of ag majors on campus. 

The Tofu 'Vegan' Options

A few years back, WT received complaints about not offering enough Vegan options at the Caf. To appease the crying pleas of their students, the Caf whiffed up some truly memorable dishes, all of which included raw, cold tofu. From the gelatin like wobbles and the lumpy, moldy texture, this dish is certainly one to miss.

The Caf's 'Signature' Pizza

Pizza has always been a staple of a busy college student's diet. It's cheap, easy and delicious, surely the caf couldn't ruin this one, right? Wrong, again! Just take a quick look at the mushroom onion pizza and you'll be hightailing it back to your dorm shuddering, never looking at Pizza Hut box the same way again.

The Ant Infested Cereal Bar

Okay, there surely can't be a way to ruin brand cereal. Unfortunately, the Caf found away from turning your Frosted Flakes from 'They're Great!' to something you hate. Stumble over to cereal bar on the wrong day and you might catch a few unexpected visitors in your milk and cheerios. These ants are sure to add a bite to your breakfast delight, and maybe even make Cap'n Crunch even crunchier.

The Unsanitary Salad Bar

Maybe the options above didn't apply because you're avoid the freshman fifteen and just want some good leafy greens. You'll be horrified to find all of your fruits and veggies as brown as the Panhandle Plains. The food is stuffed into bins on day one of the semester, and then sits there seemingly until finals ends. Only the cottage cheese stays unaffected by sitting out through the wear and tear of the day, and that's because it's already rotten.

The Fish Tacos

How could anything get worse from what was listed above? Sadly, the above items don't even compare to these monstrosities. There's no telling where this fish comes from, in fact it's probably not even fish. The only indicator that this even is fish is the odorous stench emitting from the frankenstein creation on your plate. A decent tortilla might have had the chance to save a slight hinge of integrity from the fish's nastiness, sadly decent is not in the Caf's cookbook. The stale tortillas are about as bland a lecture in intermediate accounting, and it only serves to highlight the appalling presence of the fish it covers.

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