Fan Expectations For Season Seven Of "The 100"

(Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers up until the season finale of season six.)

With the recent announcement that The CW's popular show, "The 100", will be ending after its seventh season, there are several things that die hard fans of the show will expect from the final season.

1. Octavia has to be alive.

The season finale left us all with a lot of questions, most pertaining to one of the main characters—Octavia. She seems to have vanished into something called The Anomaly, but it is left unclear whether she is alive or dead. What we all would like is for her to first and foremost be alive, but also to continue on her path to better development and repair her ruined relationships.

2. Raven should get her happy ending.

If Raven dies in this final season, I'm suing The CW for my broken heart. She's been through so much in the show that for her to have anything less than complete peace would be cruel.

3. Diyoza should return.

This wonderful character disappeared halfway through the sixth season, and she deserves to return. All signs point to it, and it would be a shame if the writers didn't go down that path. She is one of the most interesting people on the show, dancing the line between selfish antagonist and courageous mother and friend.

4. Raven and Murphy should happen.

This one may not be something everyone is into, which is fair. But I think considering how far their characters have come and how their relationship has grown since the first season, it would be a shame to let that chemistry go to waste. The only downside to their romantic relationship is that Emori would be left on her own. Alas, it's up to you to decide how you feel about this potential plotline.

5. The characters should be able to stop fighting and settle down peacefully.

They have been fighting for their lives since the moment they landed on Earth. It would be a nice change for the series to end with a message of hope and serenity.

6. Bellamy and Clarke should end up together.

It's what we've all been waiting for since season one. Anyone who says the chemistry and romantic subtones aren't there is lying. (This means you, Jason Rothenberg.) The actors who play these characters are literally married in real life! It would be a waste to let that fall apart for the sake of being unpredictable. Let them get together. We've been waiting for years.

7. There should be mentions of the original 100.

One of the things I've disliked most as the seasons go on is that as more of the characters die, we lose more of the original 100 teenagers who came to the ground in season one. The writers have killed them off for the sake of not being marketed as a "teen show," but what made "The 100" so great was its teenage camaraderie within a fight to survive. Now, hardly any of the original cast is still there, even though they were the best characters. They deserve to be mentioned and shown in flashbacks because they are the reason the show exists.

I find it fitting that the show is ending on its hundredth episode, and I am glad that it's coming to an end, despite the fact that it has been a large part of my life for years. I started it when the second season was airing on television, and I've kept up with ever since. I've recommended it to everyone, I've applauded several of its incredible scenes, and I've admired its cast and characters.

But since season three, it has never felt the same to me. It has gone downhill—both in terms of writing and the world. I think the writers' desire to fight off that dreaded branding of "another teen show" has forced the show to become something far darker and sadder than anyone anticipated.

I have not agreed with many of the decisions made by the writers and many of the deaths that have happened within the series. The use of harmful tropes such as #BuryYourGays cannot be ignored—even with the excuse that it is a post-apocalyptic universe. I don't believe in the killing of characters for the sake of it, and I believe the show has gone down that path. The writers do not connect with the fans, instead criticizing them for their interpretations.

In my opinion, it has been a great story put into the hands of the wrong people. As this seventh season approaches, I'm very aware that I may not get a single thing on this list. I may walk away from this show disappointed and upset at all those years wasted if it is not a satisfying end.

But I do appreciate how far the show has come and how diverse its cast is and its entertainment value. I hope it does end in a good way. I think the characters on the show deserve that much. I think they deserve peace.

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