Your friends may envy you for having your birthday land around the same time as a holiday, and it certainly has its perks. But, for someone who has to do it EVERY SINGLE YEAR, the annoyances of having both a holiday and a birthday (which, for me, is a holiday in and of itself) within days of each other far outweigh any pros that are associated with it. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Everyone thinks your birthday is on the same day as the holiday.

... and you're always forced to tell them that THEY'RE WRONG.

2. Birthday gifts = holiday gifts

Your family members always ask you if it's okay if they give you your birthday gift on the same day as the holiday that you are celebrating. No.


Doesn't everyone realize that my birthday is its very own holiday?!

4. "Do you like having your birthday around the holiday season?"

A question I ALWAYS have to answer...

5. Your friends are never there.

Your friends are always on vacation or with their families during your birthday, so it makes it hard to celebrate.

6. When you ask your friends if they know the date of your birthday...

... and they respond with the date of the closest holiday instead.

7. Having to celebrate AFTER the holiday season is over.

If you thought that having your birthday during the holiday season was the best thing ever, you thought wrong. From the joint gifts to crazy planning for celebrations, it's always a #struggle.