October can arguably be considered the best month of the whole year. This is mainly due to the fact that summer heat is finally over and we are all free to wear layers, eat and drink as many pumpkin themed products as we want, scary movie marathons (of if you are like me and opt for Halloween-town instead) are always on every channel, and the most important perk of them all, Halloween! While this month is beloved in the hearts of many, the stress that comes with seeing September change in to October begins when asked the question "what are you going to be for Halloween"? You think that you have all the time in the world to decide, but as weeks go by and you still don't have a costume with Halloween parties quickly approaching, the true panic starts to set in as you scramble to throw together the best costume you possibly can.

1.) The second October 1st rolls around you start to hear your friends discussing their plans for their Halloween costumes, and you can't help but think they're ridiculous for thinking about it so early.

2.) Once a few weeks go by, you start to realize that you still don't have any idea of what you want to dress up as, but you still can't be bothered to put in the effort to put together a costume.

3.) "Halloweenkend" is only days away , and you still don't have a costume or any clue of what you want to be, the stress starts to sink in, and you've realized that you wasted all the weeks you had to come up with a good costume.

4.) You tear your closet apart looking for anything remotely clever you can throw together at the last minute, only to find that you have nothing creative to wear.

5.) You realize that even Pinterest isn't giving you the inspiration you need to put together the perfect costume, and you have almost given up all hope to having a great Halloween.

6.) After wasting more time freaking out over the fact that you have nothing to wear, genius strikes, and you pull together the best alien costume the random pieces of clothing and makeup in your dorm room will allow, and it actually looks awesome.

7.) When the costume is finally finished and the stress of the moment has passed, you remember why Halloween is the best day of the year!