7 Songs that Help Me When I Need a Boost

Music has amazing powers. It can do so much for someone.

Music can enhance moods or just perfectly describe what you are thinking or could not put into words.

That's the beauty of it, music is so moving. It could help in so many situations because no matter what, it is always there waiting for you to search for a song that helps with what you need.

I am one those people that listens to music for all moods, especially when I'm feeling down. I know we all have that playlists that puts us in a better mood every times we listen to it.

My playlist consists of songs that I use as reminders that I shouldn't worry, give up or lose focus of what is important to me.

Here's a list of seven songs in particular that I listen to when I need a boost in mood or in confidence.

1. Never Lose Your Flames - Issues

This song is one of my absolutely favorite songs by Issues. The song is just so emotional (especially the acoustic version). But the lyrics are perfect for someone who needs to remind themselves never to give up on themselves.

"If you got the keys then start the car and
Drive as far as you can
If you got the blood then you got the heart to
Give yourself a chance
Seems like we've been so scarred
Some people call it art
I hope you make peace with your pain
And never lose your flames"

2. All That I've Got - The Used

The Used is a band that's always been full of emotion and not be afraid to show that, even if it's a weird way. The lyrics to this song speak to me and I was never exactly sure why. But this is on this list because the fun music video and how the chorus can be interpreted in many different ways.

"I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And it's all that I've got

3. Why Worry? - Set it Off

This is one the first songs I've heard by Set it Off and honestly I probably listen to this one the most. It just is so positive and so upbeat, I can't help but dance a little when I listen to it. The song itself has a great message as well. It's basically saying why are you worrying if it's not going to help, you just have to let life do it's thing.

"Why? Please tell me why do we worry?
Why? Why do we worry at all?
Why? Just tell me why do we worry?
When worry is never helping tell me,
Why? Why worry at all?

4. Brighter - Patent Pending

Patent Pending is one those bands with a diverse sound. They write lyrics about a huge range of topics. But this one is one of those that you just can't stop listening to. The lyrics to this song remind me that no matter what I should never lose hope because "the light at the end is brighter than it used to be."

"Let our eyes show the fire in our hearts tonight
‘Cause you can’t stop the fire, you can’t stop the fire
Maybe I’m crazy, yeah, a little naive,
But the light at the end is brighter than it used to be
Got a long way to go but I know I believe
That the light at the end is brighter than it used to be

5. That's Just Life - Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire is always full of emotion and hope. The vocals of Matty Mullins is smoothing and clear to understand. This song reminds me that there is hope and even though life can get hard, don't give up because you can get through.

"I'd be lying if I said that I was fine
Cause I feel pain sometimes that I cannot describe
So do I raise my fist and curse up at the sky
Or do I close my eyes and realize, that's just life?

6. Home - Our Last Night

I only recently haven't gotten into Our Last Night, but their music style is impactful. They are known for their creative covers but their originals are moving as well. This song is beautiful in the sense it reminds you of love. And love is the most important thing in life, right?

"Take my hand just one more time
It’s safe to leave your doubts behind
I will be with you through the lonely days and the lonely nights
No matter how far we find ourselves
Our love will keep us close
I want you to know, you will never be alone
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
I want you to know, I’m coming home

7. Flower - Vanna

Vanna is a bold band with an even bolder sound but this song is different. This song is a love song no matter which was you listen to it (acoustic or original). It has beautiful sound and even more beautiful lyrics. It essentially about a person having no hope until they found their other half. I love it because I can relate to it; I didn't have much hope until I met mine.

"You saw me searching
I was lost in a world
All alone and out of time
You gave me purpose
You gave me the world
When you put your hands in mine

These are just my favorites to listen to when I'm feeling down. In one way or another they make me feel better. Everyone has their own list that makes everything seem okay for a little while. But isn't it an amazing thing that music holds that kind of power? If you don't have a list that helps you, I hope some of mine will help you.

Just remember to always take time to relax yourself with a great setlist. Keep calm and rock on.

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