7 Signs You Need To Call MTV Because Ya Done Got Catfished
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7 Signs You Need To Call MTV Because Ya Done Got Catfished

Do Nev and Max a favor—don't be oblivious to obvious signs.

7 Signs You Need To Call MTV Because Ya Done Got Catfished

Pursuing online friendships and relationships is becoming more common as technology advances. I met one of my best friends from the Internet and after 1.5 years of talking behind a screen we finally were able to meet face to face (No, I wasn't catfished) and it was great!

However, not all online connections have honesty and trust. The idea of catfishing, faking who you are online, is very common all over the world. Nev and Max started a journey to help people meet the person behind the cell phone screen, and 9/10 times it wasn't who they said they were.

Since the first episode of "Catfish" aired in 2012, the cruel online act has only gotten worse. However, there are ways to protect yourself from disappointment and it's important to notice these signs and take them as red flags when pursuing someone over the internet.

1. They claim to be a celebrity/model

Who knew people could be so naive—if someone tells you they are Katy Perry, Bow Wow or a model, there is a 101% chance you're being lied to.

2. They refuse to Snapchat, Skype, or talk on the phone

If someone refuses to do these things it's because they aren't who they appear to be in the pictures. If they do happen to Skype/Snapchat but you only see dark silhouettes, this is another sign you're being catfished.

3. They ask for large amounts of money

Helping out a friend is one thing, but giving money to someone you've never met is a whole other level of crazy. Catfishes will try and guilt trip you into giving them money by saying things along the lines of "My car broke down!" or "I'm struggling to pay rent this month."

4. Their work requires them to travel a ton

Catfishes will make up excuses saying they are "always traveling" to avoid conversing with their partner.

5. When you try to meet up a tragedy happens last minute.

Typically to avoid meeting face to face, catfishes will come up with a reason to not see you by saying things such as "My cousin died" or "I just got into a car wreck."

6. They have very few pictures on their profile

This is because they could only find a handful of images from the person they stole the pictures from. Save yourself some trouble and reverse image search.

7. It seems too good to be true.

This is because it IS too good to be true. Go with your gut feeling.

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