More often than not, you meet people who you feel like belong in your life. You become friends instantly, but as you begin to spend more and more time together, said friend becomes less responsive, less eager, and less of a friend. It's hard to know when you should end a friendship, so here are 7 reasons why you should cut someone out of your life.

1. They don't make an effort.

The most obvious sign of a dying friendship is lack of effort. If you feel like you are working harder to keep a friendship from ending, then it's better to let go. Friendship is a two way street and if you aren't getting the effort you deserve, then it's time to move on and find someone who can.

2. Your friend emotionally abuses you.

If your friend makes you feel insignificant in any way and discourages your dreams, they should be cut out of your life IMMEDIATELY. It is the worst feeling to be brought down by someone you trust. Don't let anyone bring you down by picking on your flaws, your dreams, aspirations, etc. Become friends with people who encourage you to do your best and bring out sides of yourself that you never knew you had.

3. Your friend judges your past life choices.

Seriously, it's in the past, move on! If your friends chose to hold onto stupid decisions you've made in the past whether it was a boy/girl you dated, a name you called someone in second grade or ANY choice that doesn't concern them, it's time for them to go.

4. Your friend tells your secrets.

Some things are meant to stay between you and your friend. Unless the information you give to someone suggests self harm or harm to anyone else, it is not okay to turn around and tell everyone else. A true friend is trustworthy and is someone you can confide in.

5. Your friend controls you.

You are your own person. If you have a friend that makes every single decision for you, stand up for yourself! Unless you ask for their help, your friends should not be in charge of your life.

6. Your friend doesn't trust you.

It is understandable that it is hard to open up to people, but if you have a friend that pushes for every last detail about your life, but can't relay information in return, then they are not a good friend. If your friend cannot open up to you, but pushes you to talk then there isn't mutual trust.

7. You're unhappy.

Your happiness matters most. If you surround yourself with people who bring you down without saying a word, or who never have a positive aura about them, then these people should not belong in your life. Take care of yourself and your happiness first before anyone else's and rid yourself of the people who bring you down.