7 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Water Bottle

1. You can easily identify the owner.

Come on, we all have done it. Accidentally grabbing a similar Hydroflask to your own. By having little personal excitements plastered over every inch of your bottle, you are able to without a doubt say, “This one is mine.”

2. It makes drinking water more exciting.

We are all guilty of not drinking enough water in the day. By placing stickers on your water bottle, you become excited to show it off, thus drinking more water throughout the day.

3. It gives you something to do with your stickers.

Finally, you have a location for the collection of stickers that have been growing in an envelope. You no longer have to contemplate where each sticker should go, and what its purpose will be. You can just slap them on your bottle and go.

4. The cool things you can put on it.

Your stickers can range from funny, to nerdy, and even trendy. You get to design your own bottle, so why not make it the way that suits you the best. From TV show quotes to math formulas, there is a sticker out there that is perfect for you.

5. The aesthetic.

Everything in life nowadays has become all about the aesthetic. So why not your water bottle?

6. They are fun.

It’s the truth. Why should there be any other reason to do it. By decorating your water bottle, you are having fun. It is a simple way to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy it.

7. Because it makes life less boring.

Seeing the different stickers that adorn other people’s beautiful bottles just make every day brighter! Why should we not get to see a multitude of colors, brands, and statements every time someone goes to quench their thirst.

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