Most of us have gone on plenty of dates throughout college trying to find love. Everyone tells us that we will find happily ever after with a significant other we meet on campus. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen for all of us. We may even have someone back at home that we have been dating for a while and things get in the way. Here are seven reasons why college relationships don't last in today's society.

1. Distance

Whether you are on campus with each other or you are on different campuses, distance is a huge issue. You either spend too much time with each other or not enough.

2. Time

So much goes on in college including classes, activities, sports, homework and everything in between. Often couples can't find enough time to be with each other, or at least even talk to each other if the significant other is not on campus.

3. Internet/Online Dating Sites

There are so many online dating sites today and anyone can join them. Tinder, POF, Match, e Harmony and other sites people can join without their significant other knowing. Rather than telling the significant other they are unhappy, they cheat on popular dating sites.

4. Cheating

Girls and boys alike in college are all just looking to have a good time. Which can mean one night stands and sexting. This could mean cheating on someone you may be in a relationship with, especially if your performance in bed is not good or even pleasing to your partner sexually.

5. Romance is dead.

In romantic movies, one significant other brings the other flowers, chocolates, surprises them and many other random spontaneous acts of love. You never hear about any of that anymore. Those surprises don't happen in real life or they aren't popular to do anymore.

6. Too many differences.

There are couples who fall in love at first sight and then find out that they have nothing in common. If there are no similarities between couples, then there will be no compatibility.

7. Immaturity

Boys and girls both have their immaturity. The statistics say that girls are more mature than boys, even if they are the same age. If one person is more mature than the other, then the likely-hood is that it will not last.

If you are able to survive all these problems and land the love of your dreams, then good for you! You are the few of us who will have luck finding true love in college. Don't worry though! Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet soon enough, just not maybe during those college years. Focus on your school work and making yourself known to others and build your resume. Find true love when it comes to you!