They've been around for a long time, but have just recently started to become more popular. Audiobooks are revolutionizing the way that people have access to literature. But in ways, they are far superior to actually reading books! Here are XX reasons why audiobooks are the best.

1. You can listen to them anywhere and at anytime!

Especially if you have a digital copy. Using Audible or buying books on iTunes makes audiobooks super compact and easy to transport.

2. They're great for long drives

My commute to school is approximately 6 hours. So whenever I go home, I always make a serious dent in my current book.

3. They're easy to multitask with

I'm listening to an audiobook right now. As long as you're not doing anything that requires too much concentration, you can pair it with a great book. Just be careful while studying, because it may be a little distracting!

4. They only require one sense

Whereas physically reading a book requires you to hold it with your hands and look at it with your eyes, listening to audiobooks only requires the ears. That way you can free up your hands and eyes to do more things

5. The narration is usually really good

There is no better feeling than when there is a perfect narrator reading the book. Nowadays, a lot of books are narrated by special guest stars

6. Sharing books is easier

Instead of having to physically lend a book to someone, with the fear that you'll never get it back, sharing audiobooks is as easy as giving someone your login and password. Now you don't have to worry about ever losing your books!

7. They're simply more practical

As we get older and accumulate more responsibilities, we just don't have time to sit around and read all day long. So instead of carving out a chunk of your day to read, you can still be in tune with literature while maintaining the highest levels of productivity!