7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
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7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

You will NOT regret it!

7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Whether we're aware of it or not, we consume media all the time in different forms. Some people enjoy listening to the radio on their way to work. Other people have a favorite YouTuber or YouTube channel. Many people just enjoy a good ol' television program. Needless to say, we, especially in America, love our media, whether we admit it or not.

When you discover a new media of obtaining information, it's always fascinating. Do you remember the first song you ever learned all the words to? Do you remember the local news channel you watched growing up? Recently, I discovered these lovely little things called podcasts. With the help of one of my favorite professors, who would very frequently discuss podcasts, and my natural curiosity and yearning for new ways of consuming, I fell in love with podcasting as a medium. I am now 350% sure that that will be my career path. Here are a few of my new favorites:

1. Why Oh Why

Andrea Silenzi hosts this podcast about dating in this age full of dating apps and lacking human connection. Andrea does an amazing job of telling her own dating story interspersed with those of her listeners, colleagues and friends. some of the characters from episodes either become heroes and heroines that you route for the rest of their days or villains that you'd like to see burn. In a way this podcast can either induce tears of joy or tears of sadness and anger. Either way, check Why Oh Why out, especially if you aren't really into the sappy stuff. I know I'm certainly not but Andrea made me care.

2. Millennial

"Millennial" is a podcast that was actually born out of host, Megan Tan's closet. I say this because that's where she records. Megan is probably my biggest inspiration because at the time she started "Millennial" she was pretty fresh out of college and it was just a fun side project she started that she thought no one would listen to and she's grown it into her full time job. "Millennial" is all about navigating the scary water that is life after college. This podcast really is about the struggles Megan goes through in her life trying to become good at adulting. From her car giving up on her to trying to figure out tax codes for a podcast as a small business, she really has been through it all. She also profiles the stories of people she finds interesting in certain episodes. All in all, Megan Tan is never afraid to spice things up and I'm always routing for young women to make their own success.

3. 2 Dope Queens

Honestly, if you're not listening to "2 Dope Queens," I don't what your life is but it must be tragic. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are the beautiful, hilarious and esteemed hosts of "2 Dope Queens." Phoebe is a standup comedian, New York Times best-selling author, and host of her own independent podcast "Sooo Many White Guys" (which I also recommend) and Jessica Williams has also done some standup and does comedy acting as well, as she was once a senior correspondent on "The Daily Show." The conversation between these besties is hilarious but they also feature up and coming comics on their show and I promise you will laugh so hard that you cry. "2 Dope Queens" is, by far, the funniest thing your ears will ever experience. You're welcome. YQY!

4. The Heart

"The Heart" is the brain child of a group of young women, some queer, some women of color, all feminists. "The Heart" has mini seasons and focuses on quite a few topics. The overarching theme is sex but it talks about difficult things like child sexual abuse, female genital mutilation and the difficult lives trans women lead. The podcast also breaks down stereotypes and discusses how unlikely partners can find one another. "The Heart" is truly a podcast about how relationships between people form and breakdown, no matter what types of relationships those may be. Not-for-nothing, host Katilin Prest may also have the best voice of anyone creating podcasts and audio stories. However, this podcast could be triggering to some so while they warn you, I will too. Also, if explicit words or scenes aren't your thing, then this also may not be the podcast for you.

5. Inner Hoe Uprising

The "Inner Hoe Uprising" is, as hosts Sam and Shanika describe it, "a podcast about sex, love, and dating from the perspective of two black, polyamorous, feminists living in New York City." Their segments and the topic of the week, in some way, pertains to sex, love or dating. Over at the "Inner Hoe Uprising" they also, in their own special way, they provide us with the current events of the week. I try not to cry laughing and they do their very best to make light of the terrible world we live in. Also, because of their unique perspective I don't agree with everything they say, but they make me see things differently. They also talk about their own lives and answer fan questions which I think is adorable. I feel like I know them. If you don't like profane language or if some subjects could be triggering to you, I would not recommend this podcast. Otherwise, please listen and help my girls out. I truly love them from the bottom of my heart!

6. Nancy

This podcast is about two young queer people of color and very much talks about the struggles of being queer in America but also the joys of being queer. Kathy Tu and Tobin Lowe are both adorable sweethearts that share their childhood and coming out stories with their listeners. "Nancy" also covers different aspects of the LGBTQ+ community and things that impact us. It's truly difficult not to fall in love with these two. I just want them to be my friends.

7. The United States of Anxiety

If you don't like politics, you will actually hate this. However, I highly recommend "The United States of Anxiety" to you if politics is your thing. I will say, I like the second season more than the first. The second season is about the culture wars in our politics in America and each week focuses on two sides of a major issue in America. As podcasts go, these episodes are fairly short but packed full of information. I enjoy the way Kai Wright hosts and the way he asks questions. I also love the duality of the show because it really truly does show the history of how each political issues came to be in America and gives a true picture of each side of the issue. Honestly, the divide in current American Politics is what drives this show and I don't think it could've existed at any time prior to now.

Please, please, please check out these lovely podcasts. They'll make you laugh, cry and most importantly, just get through the day. And I bet you'll come to love these hosts as much as I do!

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