The 7 Phases Of Sorority Recruitment

The 7 Phases Of Sorority Recruitment

If you've been through the process before, you'll know these phases all too well.

Recruitment is like a whole new world and unlike any other experience you’ve had before. It’s filled with so many emotions, good times and a lot of ups and downs. Even though you feel like just laying down and taking a nap at times, you know it'll all be worth it in the end.

1. Before You Get Back To School

All summer without your girls feels like a lifetime and even though knowing summer is ending sucks, you can’t wait to get back to school and see your people. The excitement builds up more and more every day up until the day you get back to your favorite place.

2. The Start Of Spirit Week

You are FINALLY back with all of your favorite people and you get to be as close as ever while you are all spending day and night at your sorority house. You start off the week excited and enthused about every workshop and activity you are faced with, but as the week goes on, that excitement turns into exhaustion. Long days filled with guest speakers and active participation gets tiring and by the end of the week you wonder what you got yourself into – but as the week comes to and end, you know all that time and effort is going to be worth it.

3. The First Day Of Recruitment

You wake up on the first day of recruitment feeling like a new person and forget all about being even the least bit tired. Getting ready with all your girls and preparing for the potential new members is one of the best feelings and you can’t wait for the first party to start.

As soon as the doors open and the girls start to walk in, you feel like your best self and can’t wait to meet all of the amazing people who will walk through those front doors.

4. The Middle Of The Week Wall

By the middle of the week, you start to feel the exhaustion hit again – the same exhaustion you felt during spirit week. The days are repeating themselves and hours of talking takes more energy than you can imagine. You need your friends to give you a little push to get you through the week and remind you that the end is near.

5. Pref Day

All those feels of exhaustion slip away on the morning of preference day. This is the last and most important day of recruitment. You get to see sides of your sisters that you may have not seen before and the potential new girls get to see what true sisterhood is. All walls are let down and you truly get to know these girls who could be a part of your sorority. You don’t know love until you’ve stood in a room with 200 women who would do anything for you.

6. Bid Day a.k.a. The Best Day Ever

Christmas. Bid day is basically Christmas morning – but instead of presents, you get 100 new amazing sisters running home to you. Bid day is everything you can imagine and more. Girls put countless days and sleepless nights into planning the best bid day possible for current and new members. Props to you girls because you recreate Christmas.

7. The End

After a crazy two weeks of preparation and execution, you can go to sleep knowing you did everything you could to bring in an amazing new pledge class and bettering your already amazing sorority. Get some sleep and be ready to do it again next year!

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5 Friends Every Girl Needs To Survive College

Every girl needs a quality squad.

School is stressful as hell. Actually, life in general once you're in college is stressful as hell. No one can survive it alone. Every girl needs a quality squad of gal pals to get her through. These are the friends you'll need by your side if you want to survive college with your sanity still in check.

1.The Soulmate

This is that one person that you probably met pretty late in your lifetime, but you honestly don’t know how you ever survived without them. This is that friend who you go to for literally every decision you have to make from whether or not you should take a job to which insta filter you should use. They are the ultimate adventure companion, dinner/lunch/coffee date, movie buddy, and an impromptu photoshoot master, but she also loves to just sit down and chill, which really helps me relieve stress from school. Every girl needs that one friend who will comment fire emojis on your selfies to boost you up. A good friend is supportive 24/7, even if they don’t live close. You don’t necessarily need to share all of the same interests (or taste in food). If you were clones of each other, your friendship would be boring. And it certainly isn’t.

2. The One That Lives Close

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3. That One Girl Who Is Basically Like Your Girlfriend

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(You need a similar friend for work too, especially if your job sucks.)

5. Your Childhood Bestie

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