The 7 Phases Of Sorority Recruitment

The 7 Phases Of Sorority Recruitment

If you've been through the process before, you'll know these phases all too well.

Recruitment is like a whole new world and unlike any other experience you’ve had before. It’s filled with so many emotions, good times and a lot of ups and downs. Even though you feel like just laying down and taking a nap at times, you know it'll all be worth it in the end.

1. Before You Get Back To School

All summer without your girls feels like a lifetime and even though knowing summer is ending sucks, you can’t wait to get back to school and see your people. The excitement builds up more and more every day up until the day you get back to your favorite place.

2. The Start Of Spirit Week

You are FINALLY back with all of your favorite people and you get to be as close as ever while you are all spending day and night at your sorority house. You start off the week excited and enthused about every workshop and activity you are faced with, but as the week goes on, that excitement turns into exhaustion. Long days filled with guest speakers and active participation gets tiring and by the end of the week you wonder what you got yourself into – but as the week comes to and end, you know all that time and effort is going to be worth it.

3. The First Day Of Recruitment

You wake up on the first day of recruitment feeling like a new person and forget all about being even the least bit tired. Getting ready with all your girls and preparing for the potential new members is one of the best feelings and you can’t wait for the first party to start.

As soon as the doors open and the girls start to walk in, you feel like your best self and can’t wait to meet all of the amazing people who will walk through those front doors.

4. The Middle Of The Week Wall

By the middle of the week, you start to feel the exhaustion hit again – the same exhaustion you felt during spirit week. The days are repeating themselves and hours of talking takes more energy than you can imagine. You need your friends to give you a little push to get you through the week and remind you that the end is near.

5. Pref Day

All those feels of exhaustion slip away on the morning of preference day. This is the last and most important day of recruitment. You get to see sides of your sisters that you may have not seen before and the potential new girls get to see what true sisterhood is. All walls are let down and you truly get to know these girls who could be a part of your sorority. You don’t know love until you’ve stood in a room with 200 women who would do anything for you.

6. Bid Day a.k.a. The Best Day Ever

Christmas. Bid day is basically Christmas morning – but instead of presents, you get 100 new amazing sisters running home to you. Bid day is everything you can imagine and more. Girls put countless days and sleepless nights into planning the best bid day possible for current and new members. Props to you girls because you recreate Christmas.

7. The End

After a crazy two weeks of preparation and execution, you can go to sleep knowing you did everything you could to bring in an amazing new pledge class and bettering your already amazing sorority. Get some sleep and be ready to do it again next year!

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A Thank You To My Boyfriend's Family

Because you are so important to him, you are important to me.

This one isn't easy to sit down and write because nothing I could say would do all of you justice in the way that I would hope I could. These are just words, but I hope that I am able to always show my thank you to you by treating him like the prince he is.

I can replay the moment of meeting each and every one of you all over and over in my head like it was yesterday. I was so extremely nervous every single time and I was trying to gather all the "right" things to say that would leave a good, first-lasting impression and that at the end of the day, you all would like me.

I think one of the most important basis and hopes in my relationship is that my significant other's family likes who I am. This is so important to me because whatever is important to him is equally important to me and your thoughts of me are crucial to our relationship.

The second I walked in the door, I was overwhelmed—overwhelmed with such a love. I had no idea at that point in time just how much you would all mean to me and how thankful I am for all of you!

Thank you for constantly making me laugh and feel at home.

Whenever I'm coming over for a family gathering or just to hang out, I know right off that I am walking into a world of laughter and good times are right beside that. You are all so entertaining and always have a good story to tell me. I can't name one time where I didn't feel like I was home.

And I appreciate the sweet, embarrassing photos and stories about my boyfriend that you all share with me! Even if it is by a photo, I have a glimpse of what his life has always been like thanks to each and every one of you individually.

Thank you for sharing your special moments in life with me.

You don't ever have to, but you invite me anyway. Whether it's just a family gathering, a birthday, or a holiday, I am thankful to have spent those times celebrating these moments in life alongside such amazing people. It's humbling and heartwarming to be a part of memories so unforgettable that you all share and that you have welcomed me to be a part of. They are days that I will never forget and have a place in my heart forever.

Thank you for always being there for him.

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Thank you for letting me date him.

I am most thankful for this. Thank you for sharing him with me and giving me a chance to show you all how important he is to me. I never thought that I would luck out and meet someone as special, kind, and wonderful as he is, but I did.

You have supported our relationship, given me a chance to love him, and welcomed me to new adventures in love and family. I have the upmost gratitude for each of you. You are the most wonderful, welcoming, and loving family. I am overjoyed to be able to experience just a glimpse of this life with him and with all of you.

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A Goodbye To My Closest Friends

Leaving the girls who have always been by my side


The moment we've been dreading but also been counting down for all our lives

The time is here, it's time to say goodbye

All going separate ways, finding our own path

Our time here will soon be in the past

Pursuing degrees to be turned into jobs

Hopefully you will still have time to call

"Face time me every night" we say

"We can't lose touch, okay?!"

Thank you technology

It's like my best friends can still be with me

There are hundreds of miles between us

The adjustment is going to be tough

No longer within 5 minutes of each other

Who would've thought we'd ever been further?

A sad goodbye that will turn into the time of our lives

But for now, everyone cries

Packing up the car, getting ready for the trip

Say goodbye to our state, we will all miss

Time to move to our new homes

We will no longer be so close

But nothing can loosen our bond

Our winter and spring breaks better correspond

I'll be dying to see you

I'll miss you so much, you have no clue

Of course, at college we'll make new friends

But best friends forever means this friendship won't ever end

Thank you for all the laughs, time with you was never dull

Thinking about all our memories, my heart is full

I still want to hear every detail of your life even though I will no longer experience it beside you

Thinking about being away from you for months just doesn't feel true

The first couple weeks will be hard

Pictures of us hung in my dorm, you'll always be in my heart

It's time to go find ourselves

Go do things, go on adventures, have stories to tell

I love you best friend

and I will love you until time ends

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