7 On-Screen F-Boys And How To Avoid Them
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7 On-Screen F-Boys And How To Avoid Them

I hope these tips and clues to look for are both insightful and motivating in your daily dating lives.

7 On-Screen F-Boys And How To Avoid Them
Teen Girl Behavior

1. Caledon Hockley

Oftentimes referred to as Cal in the 1990's classic Titanic, Mr. Hockley was a wealthy, misogynistic asshole engaged to marry a woman nearly half his age. While overt sexism and patriarchal manipulation were extremely common in this time period (1912), it saddens me that to this day (over a century later) men like this still exist. You can avoid f-boys like Cal by holding strong to your feminist principles and refusing to ever believe in the male-superiority complex that has held strong for so many decades. Love yourself, girl! And stay far. far away from physically, mentally and/or psychologically abusive dudes like this one... no matter how much money they might be worth.

2. Joey Donner

As one of the most prominent antagonists in the 1999 "rom-com", 10 Things I Hate About You, Joey Donner is difficult to forget. He is the high school f-boy of all f-boys, most obviously known for his charm, his smolder, his lack of regard for the female psyche and his "up and coming" modeling career. It it apparent to most that he is only after the "newest" item/woman on the market, and he makes this abundantly clear when he so carelessly trades in Bianca for her "best-friend" Chastity the moment that Bianca won't give in to his most recent antics. Thankfully, this high school monster receives all of the karma that he deserves at the Senior Prom where sweet Bianca delivers a powerful punch/knee to the face and groin. I think every woman watching (both young and old) are cheering at this pivotal point in the movie! Guys like this can truthfully be avoided if you have decent friends who will not only warn you of their obvious intentions, but who will NOT run off with them into the night at the drop of a hat. Surround yourself with good friends, and you can avoid a decent percentage of f-boy drama.

3. Jason

This character is so invaluable that he wasn't even awarded the privilege of a last name in everyone's favorite "guilty pleasure" movie, Mean Girls. To refresh your memory, he is the one who verbally assaulted Cady in one of her first personal encounters at her new public high school, asking if she wanted her muffin "buttered". While his remarks might seem harmless to some, any woman who has been cat-called can empathize with her cause. Jason is that rude, ignorant guy in high school (or anywhere) who incessantly asks for your number, and proceeds to call you "stuck up" when you won't oblige. While words and underlying aggression like Jason's might seem minor to the outside viewer, I think it is important to acknowledge that unwanted sexual verbiage can go a lot deeper than people realize. To avoid guys like this (and to put an end to cat-calling everywhere), do not be afraid to call out actions like this one and publicly put these men in their place when the situation arises. You might not be able to stop every verbally-assaulting man out there, but you can certainly make him (and the people around him) think the next time they consider saying something sexually aggressive in an inappropriate situation.

4. Warner Huntington III

While I would assume that most 90's babies out there know exactly who this douche-bag is, I will go ahead and fill in those delusional millennials who have somehow slid under the Legally Blonde radar for the past sixteen years. Warner is the entitled, crude, misogynist who believes that his blonde-haired, big-boobed girlfriend somehow lacks in emotional and intellectual depth, simply because of her incredible aesthetics. Fortunately, he is left with no choice but to "eat his words", when he later finds out that against his better judgment, she was accepted to the same exact law school as him. Not only does he graduate without honors, he eventually ends up begging to have his girl (Elle Woods) back once he realizes what a hot commodity she is (both aesthetically and intellectually). And still to this very day I erupt in applause when she politely and promptly turns him down. You can avoid men like Warner by avoiding misogyny (duh), but also by avoiding the men who encourage it. You would be surprised how many men in 2017 want a woman to do well for herself, but to certainly not do better than him. Find a man who supports you both in the bedroom and in the classroom, and never date a guy who doesn't support equal pay and fair treatment in the workplace.

5. Ted

Yay for more inadequate male counterparts who don't have last names because they aren't worthy of one! This f-boy is notoriously known for his f-boy ways in the first ten minutes of the best vulgar comedy of the 2000's, Bridesmaids. He is the designated booty-call of choice for Kristen Wiig's character, Annie, telling her to leave almost immediately after their intimate encounter. Men of this nature can be avoided by not allowing f-boys near your private parts. I am not one to judge casual sex encounters, however, if sex between two parties is casual, I strongly encourage you to have this uncomfortable dialogue sooner rather than later to avoid dudes like this and awkward issues like this one. While this man's desire for casual sex is not necessarily a bad thing, it is his lack of regard for Annie as a human being that bothers me the most. Find a man (or sexual partner) who values you as more than a sex toy. Even if you are a precious sex kitten (and I'm sure you are), you always deserve respect before, during and after intercourse and at every phase in a relationship.

6. Gary Grobowski

Gary, is the male lead in one of the world's most tragic "chick flicks", entitled The Break-Up. This film centers around a cohabiting couple who is (surprise) breaking up. Gary (in my opinion) is the boyfriend who expects you to cook, clean, entertain house guests, appease his sexual needs and more, all the while holding down a full time job of your own. One of the first scenes will always get to me. His counterpart Brooke literally did everything for their dinner party, and he couldn't even manage to pick up lemons for a centerpiece. Is this me being petty? Maybe. Have I experienced something similar? Quite possibly. Maybe this was a one time deal for Gary, who knows? But from the tone of Brooke's voice, I would guess otherwise. The sad reality of underlying sexist oppression is that some men will always view women as a weaker sex, and the person in the relationship who must be responsible for the "home-making" so to speak. There is nothing wrong with women willingly and consensually handling the "domestic" duties at home, but when these gender roles are stereotypically expected in a relationship (particularly a dating relationship), I view this as extremely unhealthy. You can avoid f-boys like this by being aware and conscious of who you allow close to you from a sexual and/or relational standpoint. Some men are raised with these archaic ideals and have them severely ingrained from a very young age, so it is imperative to have tough conversations early on in a relationship to find out how he views women sexually, personally, professionally and so on.

7. Jack Hyde

This particular character started out as a sexist threat to society on paper and then eventually made his way to the big screen in 2017! Jack Hyde is Ana's big shot, book-editing boss in the novel turned film, Fifty Shades Darker. He starts off as a (relatively) innocent threat playing the creepy boss who (probably) only hired Ana for her appearance. But things change drastically when he believes that his position in the office gives him free reign to do as he pleases with his female (lower-ranking) colleagues. As time progresses through both the novel and the film, he slowly reveals his true intentions for Ana, which ends in her volatile sexual assault in his private office. Men like Jack Hyde unfortunately exist far beyond the big screen and the pages in books. Entitled males like Jack exist not only in the workplace, but in our personal lives, as well. To avoid this f-boy prototype, make sure you are thorough about getting to know your superiors (and colleagues) in the workplace and their true intentions for the company in which they're employed and any personal gain they might be hoping to acquire with you. While sexual assault is oftentimes unpreventable on behalf of the victim, it is good to always be aware of your surroundings and the people that you allow close to you (including both coworkers and friends). You just never know with some people, it is a scary world out there for a woman.

8. John Tucker

Of course you guys know that I had to include a blatant cheater in this mix, so who better than the notorious John Tucker? In case you missed this flick, John is a high school athlete who is dating not one, not two, but THREE women at the same time! By the end of the film, he gets exactly what he deserves, but no matter how old I get, the beginning of this movie is still hard to watch. I felt so bad for those girls! If you want to avoid John Tucker (or other cheaters of this type), I encourage you to honestly just date more trustworthy people. If you have to suspect a man, worry if you can trust him at home in the evenings or feel like you have to look through his phone, then he's probably not the right one. Because the right dude will NEVER give you any reason for suspicions. Point blank period. Also, make reliable female friends! A good bestie would never have you looking like these girls did in John Tucker Must Die. She will have your back and assign spies as needed if it ever came down to something so severe. Just saying!

So make honest female friends, love yourself, respect yourself, do your research, be cautious and above all, be happy! Dating can be tricky and lead to a lot of anger, bitterness and heartbreak, but it doesn't have to be like that. F-boys exist everywhere both on-screen and off, and they probably always will. I hope these tips and clues to look for are both insightful and motivating in your daily dating lives. God-speed, single friends.

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