5+ Best Vibrators To Buy For Yourself

7 O-mazing Vibrators That'll Be All You Want To Treat Yourself To This Christmas

Joy to the world!


The Christmas gift-buying season is officially in full swing.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming up within weeks, this is the best time to start jotting down the items you want to give to your loved ones, but more importantly, the items you want to gift yourself.

And let's be real. It's 2019, so what can go wrong with buying yourself an electronic? By the way, I'm not talking about a high-definition TV, AirPods, or the most current iPhone. I'm talking about the one electric toy that many people want deep down inside but tend to leave it off their end-of-year Christmas lists: sex toys.

Your first instinct might be to spend hours on google to do some research on which vibrators are actually worth the buzz and are affordable enough to buy without blowing too much of your Christmas gift savings on one toy. But have no fear. I, a seasoned sex and wellness blogger, will save you the trouble.

Here are 7 O-mazing vibrators to gift yourself this holiday season:

PALOQUETH G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

This soft and flexible rabbit vibrator stimulates multiple regions of the vulva at once, particularly through vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. At the press of a button, you can cycle through nine different vibration options, starting with a slow tease and leading up to a higher speed right before climax. As an added plus, unlike most rabbit vibrators this size, this one is actually quiet so you'll never have to worry about the noise being so overbearing that your roommate can hear it.

Pink Heff’s Cookie Sensual Foreplay Vibrator

This silicone vibrator is quite unique from the designs you'd normally see with smaller vibrators. This design includes three tentacle shaped vibrating pleasure points that are amazing for nipple and clitoral stimulation. Ultimately, it includes three different intensities that pulsate, caress and speed up to create mind-blowing orgasm.

Sweet Vibrations’ Tulips Vibrator

For those of you who prefer vibrators with more surface area, the Tulips vibrator is perfect for you! The size of the vibrator is not only fit for every nightstand, but allows for a snug fit onto the clitoris and labia and includes 10 vibration patterns and 5 intensity levels for an unforgettable experience. The versatility doesn't end with the vibrations and sensations. You can be as creative as you want when using it. You can use it with one hand as you lie on your back or use it with no hands at all and grind against it on your stomach. Basically, you can find numerous ways to be creative with a vibrator like this. As an added bonus, the Tulips as well as every vibe from Sweet Vibrations has a lifetime warranty.

Loverbeby’s Vibrating Anal Plug Training Kit

Anyone who has ever shopped for butt plugs knows that these are usually some of the more pricey items you'll find in a sex shop. However, Loverbeby's vibrating silicone trainer butt plug kit can be bought at a very affordable price. The set comes with three different sized butt plugs, a bullet vibrator and a remote control for less than $30! It's not only perfect for beginners who want to experiment more with anal play, but suitable for those who are prefer advanced anal play.

Unbound Zip Bullet Vibe

Bullet vibrators are also known as mini vibrators, which is perfect for those who want to have a sex you that's more discrete and portable. While other vibrators are at least 6 inches long, bullet vibrators range anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. To put things in perspective, that's smaller than your average smartphone. This particular vibrator is great for clitoral stimulation, but it's also perfect for those who are aroused by having something to rub against their labia.

Adorime Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

This silicone clitoral sucking vibrator is designed to simulate realistic oral pleasure so it sucks and vibrates the clitoris or nipples with 10 different modes from gentle to wild. Not only is it one of the few good quality sucking vibrators you won't have to pay an arm and a leg, but an added bonus is that it's 100 percent waterproof so if you spend most of your self-pleasure time in the bathtub, it'll definitely make for an even more interesting experience.

PHANXY’s Wave Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager

This product is more versatile than most anal vibrators as it can be used for hand-free pleasure or couple play and specifically targets the prostate, anus and perimneum for internal and external stimulation. While it comes with nine rumbling vibrations, the best feature is that it makes a "Come hither" motion so if you're interested in anal play via vibrators, this is a top contender to help you achieve body-convulsing anal orgasms. Similar to Adorime's Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, this one is also 100 percent waterproof which makes for better adventurous experiences and an easier cleanup.

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