I'm 5'2". I haven't grown since 6th grade and now I'm a sophomore in college. I can't see over people's heads in auditoriums, I can't see the stage of a concert in 'standing room only' and I can never reach the top shelf in the kitchen without climbing onto the counter. But here's the thing, there's so many perks to being so little!

1. I can still wear the clothes I bought back in middle school.

I mean, this probably isn't ideal if you're a fashionista, but for a broke college student, it's a pretty big perk. I personally would rather spend my money on food than new clothes when I've stayed the same size for years!

2. Size 6 shoes are the cutest!

We all know size 6 shoes sell out the quickest and it's because they're the cutest! Being short, you don't have too big of feet and size 6 shoes always look proportional and adorable on!

3. You can wear heels and never be shorter than your significant other!

Whether you're going out to dinner, on a date or to a dance, you never have to worry about towering over the guy you're with!

4. You always have extra leg room in the car, on a plane or in a bus.

Aside from the spacious leg room, you can curl into a ball in your seat as well and take a nice little nap while traveling!

5. You can usually pass for a child, and sometimes that means cheaper meals and cheaper prices.

I'm 19 years old and every time I go to the airport, security and flight attendants ask if I am older than 12 or where my mother is because I can't fly alone. One day it will be flattering when people think I'm younger than I really am. But until then, I'll just keep ordering off the kids menu and save myself some money.

6. Everyone wants to hug you because you're the perfect size for cuddling!

Who doesn't like to cuddle?

7. Your huge personality makes up for your tiny stature and no one ever expects it!

Short girls are the most fun girls!