7 Killer Tips For Pokemon GO

We have waited all our lives for this. This moment... to become a true Pokemon Go master! These are some killer tips to help you achieve that.

Fill up your gas tank.

Let’s be real, there is no chance you will be riding your bike, let alone walking, around town. This is a video game not a gym membership!

Drink a Redbull.

Just because you caught a drowsy doesn't mean you're allowed to sleep. Chug that baby and hit the road, in your car, not on foot.

Pokemon GO deserves all of your attention.

Keep your phone on next to your steering wheel at all times. We can’t have that 78th Weedle escape your collection, now can we?

Forget that we are enslaving cute creatures.

No really, don't think about it. It’s not like throwing balls at creatures heads until they fit inside as they desperately shake to break free is disturbing or anything.

Buy several extra batteries.

The last thing you need is for your phone mid gym battle! Just pop one of your many batteries in and you’ll never have to worry again.

Be prepared to explore!

Trust me the woods at night is the exact place to find all the best Pokemon! Just think about it, who else is going to be wandering there? All the Pokemons for you!

Do not catch them all.

I know Pokemon pickup lines are the way to go, but the last thing you want to catch is a bulba-SORE. But if you do catch the gift that keeps on giving just find yourself a Nurse Joy to take care of you (;

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