Finals weeks are finally here and we all know what that means: winter break is coming! That’s right, three-four weeks of no classes and, for those with on campus jobs, no work either. Just good, old-fashioned relaxation; at least that’s what we want to do. But their are a few inevitable things that are going to happen during break.

1. Classes are over, but you are still worried that you have assignments due

I would say this is a ridiculous thing to have anxiety about, but I actually do have assignments that are due during break and after the class is officially over.

2. You have no where you have to be, but you are not allowed to sleep in

Despite being productive every day for the last four months, your parents are under the impression you have done nothing in that time. Therefore, they made it their duty to ensure you are awake at 8:00 a.m. every day you are back home. Let’s ignore the fact you didn’t get longer than five hours of sleep the previous week because you were prepping for finals.

3. You get to see your friends from high school

I’m not a total pessimist. I am looking forward to spending some time with my friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. Going out, exchanging gifts, and reminiscing on old times; it’s one of the highlights of going home.

4. You’re budgeting your cash

And we are back to the little pessimistic corner that I call home. Most of us probably work jobs that are on campus and when the school is closed, so are the places we work. With that lack of income comes the budgeting of the last paycheck we received until we go back to work.

5. You will catch up on all the shows you fell behind on

Due to your lack of income, you are probably not going to go out and spend much of your money. So, you spend some quality time with your Netflix account and less time hitting the sales.

6. The holidays

Any holiday traditions you and your family do, no matter what holiday you celebrate, you will inevitably do during break.

7. Speaking of holidays and traditions, you get to see your family

I love seeing my family over holidays because I no longer live close to them anymore, so it is nice to see them for a few days.