Girls rule, boys drool. Just kidding, boys can be great, but there are a lot of misconceptions boys have about girls that I really cannot stand to not hear anymore, and so I’m here today to put these misconceptions to rest.

1. "Chicks dig the 'dad bod'"

I hope I'm not the first one to say that this whole "dad bod" craze is bullsh**. I literally do not know one person who prefers a lazy beer belly to someone who cares about their appearance. I'm about as body positive as any modern woman, and I know that there’s only so far you can swim in the gene pool, but seriously dudes, I'll be into the "dad bod" when the "mom bod" comes into style.

2. Girls don't like beer

Personally, I prefer the taste of a nice fruity beverage to that of beer, but I can assure you not every single girl feels this way. No self respecting college woman is going to be like "Hey, this beer is delicious, but I can't finish it because *hehe* calories!" This is the 21st century for goodness sake. Let's stop pretending that the girls who can chug a cold one faster than your drunk uncle don't exist, because they do, and they're my best friends.

3. Girls don't and can't understand sports

I have this one girlfriend who shall remain nameless that wouldn’t go anywhere without a piece of apparel emblazoned with the St. Louis Cardinals logo. I have another friend who has a jersey of every single Chicago sports team in her closet. A vast majority of my high school friends were sports captains. And, ahem, what about women's soccer? World Cup Champions? Yeah, you heard me. Also, some of my favorite memories are huddled around a TV watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs (go Wild!) or the Superbowl. Sports are entertainment, and girls like entertainment too.

4. Girls take forever to get ready

If you need to take four hours to feel like your best self, then do your thang chica, but if you need a 36 second shower (you know who you are) and a fresh t-shirt, then you go girl. Lumping together every single girl into one single “getting ready” routine is absurd (and lumping together every single girl in general is just plain stupid). I feel like I can speak for most women in this world when I say that half of my getting ready routine is picking out the perfect pump-up playlist. (If you’re curious, I usually settle for some throwback jams. I’m a girl who digs the classics, what can I say?)

5. Women are complicated

This one isn’t really a misconception, so I’m sorry that I have led you astray. Women are indeed complicated, but so are men. We're all human, after all. The complicated ones are the interesting ones. To be complicated is to have ideas and thoughts and morals and plans. Have you ever tried to have a conversation, like a real conversation, with someone who will agree completely with everything you have to say? I haven’t, because I surround myself with people that will push me farther. To expect women (and men too!) to be uncomplicated is expecting them to dumb themselves down for you, and that, my friend, is just plain stupid.

6. Girls dress for men

Absolutely not. When I put on a fresh pair of leather pants and a bangin’ new top, it’s not because I’m trying to get a guy’s attention, its because I love when I come out of my room with my roomies telling me how "swaggy" I look. And when I choose to wear jeans to the library instead of the usual uniform of sweatpants and a t-shirt, it’s not because that cute guy that was in my rhetoric class freshman year is always there (but haaayyyy) it’s because I work better when I don’t feel like a total slob. Unless I'm trapped in a horrible 1950's sitcom wearing an apron and heels baking you an apple pie, I'm not dressing for you.

7. Girls aren’t funny

My friends are the most clever, goofy, fun loving people you will ever meet, therefore making them inherently funny. Also, I’ll throw out a few names like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres; the list goes on and on. Girls are funny, and that’s that.

Keep spreading these preconceived notions of women and you'll never understand us.