7 Best Study Spots On MSU Campus
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Student Life

7 Best Study Spots On MSU Campus

Finals will be here soon, and studying will be our main priority. Try out these places to study on campus.

7 Best Study Spots On MSU Campus

Don't stress this semester about your roommates being loud or your wifi at your apartment not working. These are the best places on campus to study for finals this semester.

Mitchell Memorial Library

Whether you are at a computer or in a study room, Mitchell Memorial has tons of places to choose from to study. There are several floors and as you go up at floor level, the spaces are quieter. There are couches and chairs for comfort, and there are computers and printers for crunch time. Plus, the library stays open 24 hours during finals week.

Chapel of Memories

This is such a quiet and peaceful place to relax and unwind. Because it is so quiet, students can come here and pick a pew to study hard. The views are wonderful at sunrise and sunset because all of the colors on the windows come through to make the place your own personal sanctuary.

McCool Hall

McCool Hall is such a nice updated place with large rooms for groups and smaller rooms for just yourself. McCool is perfect to cram for a test or get that last assignment done during finals. Even if you aren't a business major, you can still come to McCool to study for your tests or get your projects done.

Colvard Student Union

This can be noisy if you are on the main floor in the common area. However, if you go into the Dawg House on the first floor or go up to either the second or third floor, things calm down a bit and you can really concentrate on what is at hand. Plus, whenever you need a food or coffee break, you have options on the first floor.

Old Main Academic Center

This new and improved facility is a nicer option for people on the north side of campus, or for anyone in general who needs a quiet place to study. This building has some study rooms and lots of classrooms, and just like the library, the higher floor you pick, the quieter it gets. Also, there is a printing lab and a P.O.D. on the first floor for convenience.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

This might seem like a long shot, but hear me out. There is a Starbucks inside, with comfy tables and chairs for students to use. If you like the coffee shop feel while studying, but you don't want to leave campus, Barnes & Noble is for you. They aren't open 24 hours a day, but you could still cram during the daytime hours and enjoy your coffee.

Your Major's Building

Whatever your major is, find the building that your department is located in. Check to see if there are any study rooms or classrooms that could be used during finals. The plus side to this is that if you are studying in your academic major's building, there are likely to be people in the same major or classes that you could ask questions.

Wherever you study, make sure you do. Finals can seem overwhelming, but when you finally finish the semester and get to go home, the reward is even better.

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