7 Apps College Students Need To Download Right Now
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7 Apps College Students Need To Download Right Now

Trust me, you must have at least one of these to get to graduation.

7 Apps College Students Need To Download Right Now

It's pretty insane how heavily we rely on our phones now to keep our lives in order. Our smart devices are literally a digital extension of ourselves. They are our social outlet, our schedule, our alarm, our way to capture memories, and so much more.

Recently I have discovered some apps that have made my life so much easier! I wish I would have known about them sooner in college, so I am here to share with you youngsters (and possibly older folks) something you will thank me for later! This stage of life can get chaotic at times, and a little organization can go a long way!

So here are 10 Apps you need to download immediately if you are in college (or someone just looking for organization, fun, and inspriation):

1. Trello

If you are involved in any type of on-campus groups such as student government, clubs, charity work, or others, you need this app immediately! Trello can help an individual person or a group stay organized like you wouldn't believe.

This is app acts as a group or individual to do list to do list, but it can also act as an idea generator platform. It's very task generated and can keep track of big projects, as well as microscopic details. If you are involved in many groups, it doesn't matter, you can create unlimited boards and keep track of every single group you are involved in!

Once you complete a task, or it's moving along in the process, simply move it to the next column. You can assign projects by adding members pictures to a task, linking helpful information, and adding a description to each task.

Besides functioning for groups, it's a great individual app to also set goals, plan parties, and just keep track of what needs to be done.

2. Forest

If I would have discovered this app during my freshmen or sophomore year, my life (and grades) would have looked way different. This app will become an accountability partner. I don't know about you, but my phone is my BIGGEST distraction.

It works like this—you decide you need to get something done. You set a time limit. This app will plant and grow a tree for the amount of time that task will take you. If you get the task done, your tree (or whatever plant you chose) will be fully developed.

If you get distracted and do something else on your phone, the tree will die. There is also the option to give up— but don't be that person. If you open your phone while the app is running, it will give you some command to look away.

It's freaking fantastic. Once you complete a task, this app will also give you the option to set a timer for breaks between getting tasks done.

The more you get done, the more your forest will grow. If you are successful, and you stay on task, your tree should look something like this:

However, if you become distracted, and lots of your trees die, you'll have a forest full of dead trees.

And who would want that?

Don't be a tree killer.

Get your crap done.

3. Chaos Control

I am a huge plan of written planners because I consider myself a task oriented person. I have used them since my days in junior high. However, I've noticed I don't always have my planner on me because it's a hassle to carry around everywhere.

Chaos control is the easiest digital planner to use by far. It functions as a never-ending checklist. This sounds horrible, however, if you happen to not have your planner on you, it's super convenient to store a task immediately that is due later on, and set reminders so that you don't forget about it.

This app has saved my butt many times.

The nice thing about this app is you can organize your tasks by category. It functions as a calendar, so you can easily look ahead. It's organized so that you can see the tasks you should get done immediately, but also, if you have some time, the app allows you to look ahead as well.

4. Meet Up

When you move to a new town, it's nice to be connected to the community you are now living in. I found that at my university, they didn't have some activities that I loved available at the school.

This app is great because it connects you to people in your area who are interested in the same activities that you are. Sports pick up games, writing clubs, business networking groups, concerts, comic book clubs, you name it!

I started using this app to meet up with locals who play volleyball after I ended my collegiate career. I was connected to people who had the same skill level as me almost instantly.

Meet Up made this process really easy and enjoyable. I would recommend this app to literally anyone—but especially college students who need an off campus getaway.

5. WriteaDay

I might be impartial to this app because I'm a writer—but I truly believe as humans this app is important for anyone. As a college student, I found myself flying through life, and not really taking in my experiences because my days went by so fast.

This app is fantastic because it gives you writing prompts to help you remember your day.

The prompts look a little like this:

- Thankful for......

-I am proud of.....

-Feeling good about.......

-Grateful that....


The more you enter each day, the cooler your gradient looks. I love going back and reading before bed to recap the day to set goals for tomorrow.

6. No More!

Everyone has a battle. Whether it's watching too much TV, eating too much, or skipping class. Could be something serious like alcoholism, an eating disorder, or spending too much money. Whatever it may be, this app can assist you in your battles.

Not only will this app keep track of our daily progress, but it will give you motivational quotes, set milestone goals, let you write personal notes, and set reminders. This is a great way to celebrate the little victories—big or small.

No More also has a feature to visit websites or call a contact that you can save in the app. Because although this app is great, the creators realized that there is so much more that goes into breaking an addiction!

7. Curiosity

Curiosity might be the best way to pass time in the airport ever! This app if full of educational articles on so many different subjects. The subjects are organized alphabetically, so your topic will be super easy to find.

I've used these articles to learn more because I am well...curious. This is also a really helpful tool for essay and research writing as well. Very credible sources on crazy interesting topics. They are constantly updating their content as well, so plenty to read!

Well, I hope all of you college students at least take to one of these apps! I have found them to be super helpful.

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