Well, it’s that time of year. It is finals season. *sniffles* The worst time of year, where you are stressed about grades, stressed about being stressed, stressed about getting stressed about being stressed. Not being able to sleep because when you close your eyes you are feeling like you’re missing out on valuable time to study....but even if you were going to study, it's not like you’d retain any information. Basically, once you have finished finals season, you can say you’ve been to hell and back. Finals really get to you, so here are some things you'd rather be doing than studying for finals.

1. Working the late shift at work.

2. Babysitting 25 kids all by yourself.

3. Hang out with Hillary Clinton for an entire week.

4. Work during Black Friday.

5. Watch a Youtube video that won’t stop buffering.

6. Wear Crocs

7. Dress like Lady Gaga did in 2007.

8. Hang out with Dj Khaled

9. Dye your hair rainbow colors.

10. Get hit by a car.

11. Eat bugs for a straight week.

12. Drink expired milk.

13. Pay the Kardashian's bills.

14. Recreate “The Jersey Shore”...with your family.

15. Run a 5K.

16. Clean a frat house after they had parties all weekend.

17. Swim with sharks when on my period.

18. Lose my cell phone in the city.

19. Live in a subway.

20. Watch a documentary from the beginning of time to now.

21. Throw away all my leggings.

22. Only drink alcohol for an entire year.

23. Handwrite a copy of the bible.

24. Only listen to Nickelback on replay for the next week.

25. Be Glenn in the “The Walking Dead.”

26. Go through middle school again.

27. Take the SATS/ACTS again.

28. Pay college tuition for my entire dorm building.

29. Wearing “Make America Great Again” t-shirt and hat in California.

30. Tell a feminist that women are inferior to men.

31. Only eat spinach for the next month.

32. Wear a Giants jersey at an Eagles game.

33. Bet a lifetime of money savings on the Cleveland Browns winning the Superbowl.

34. Give a bath to a bear.

35. Drive a Toyota Prius.

36. Break both of my arms and legs.

37. Be a Rutgers football player.

38. Weed the lawn.

39. Walk through every school tour.

40. Milk an angry cow.

41. Sit on a bed of cactuses.

42. Be one of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends.

43. Organize Victoria Secret underwear drawers after a 7/$27.50 sale.

44. Listening to my boyfriend complain about me bringing him clothes shopping.

45. Shower in a college communal style shower without sandals.

46. Step on multiple legos without shoes.

47. Write a 50 page essay on the history of yarn.

48. Wear white pants while on my period.

49. Teach my grandparents how to use the internet.

50. Show my parents pictures taken at a party.

51. Tell my parents I got a ticket for hotboxing their car.

52. Burn my mouth on coffee/tea for the next month.

53. Wear a ski suit all summer.

54. Have a root canal.

55. Donate a kidney.

56. Clean a boy’s dorm bathroom.

57. Get a bikini wax.

58. Drink laxatives all day.

59. Watch Star Wars episodes 1-3.

60. Pet a lion with steaks in your hands.