6 Ways to Handle Moving, From a Pro

It's college move-in season, and many freshman are nervous about the transition and prospect of moving away from where they grew up. Here are some things I've learned that I hope make this big step easier for you.

Try not to be too sad


Every time I move people act like I'm losing everything, and its a misconception we need to stop! Get excited about where you're traveling! Some of the best places I ever lived were locations I was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. Every place has it's own unique culture and individuality, so get excited to immerse yourself in it! Find things to do in the area and opportunities you may have by living there. Make the most of your situation and I guarantee you will gain valuable perspective from it.

Keep your clothes on the hangers (!!!)


One of the longest and most boring processes about moving is packing up your clothes. Just save yourself the hassle. Keep your clothes on hangers and tie garbage bags around them to keep them organized and clean. It saves so much time and effort and there is honestly no reason to do otherwise unless you are low on space.

Don't try to pack all at once


Space out your move from your room throughout the week. Do clothes one day, toiletries another, miscellaneous items and storage and cleaning another. Moving is a tedious process so save your sanity by giving yourself plenty of time to get everything in order and organized.

You might lose connection with a lot of your old friends


You will find that there are people in the place you lived before that will not contact you from the moment you leave, but it is OKAY! You build a stronger connection with the people you keep in touch with and learn who your people are that are willing to stick with you through everything.

FaceTime and Snapchat will be your saving grace


For the people you do keep in touch with, make it a point to reach them through social media. There have been so many friendships I've had that were revived through being able to talk to them on a regular basis through these platforms. Take advantage of living in the age of the internet!

Pro tip: Try a FaceTime movie night. Sometimes you can't be with the people you love but watching a movie and eating snacks together can make that distance seem significantly less important. Plan a date, make some popcorn, sit your phone on top of your laptop, and start a Netflix movie at the same time. There are also platforms like Rabbit made specifically for this that can make this process a lot easier.

It will take time to get settled


I've typically found that it takes three years before I'm completely comfortable living somewhere. The first year you navigate your surroundings and meet the locals, the second year you find your friends, and the third year you start to click into a real routine. Sometimes the process can be long and arduous, but realize that all good things take time and there are plenty of people out there that understand your struggle.

Keep powering through and keep exploring new places. At the end of the day, it's better to try something new and fail than to have never pushed yourself out of your comfort zone in the first place.

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