6 Things You Should Know About Jon Ossoff: Atlanta's 6th District Candidate
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6 Things You Should Know About Jon Ossoff: Atlanta's 6th District Candidate

Vote Jon if you believe that America is not a partisan issue and we CAN make change happen.

6 Things You Should Know About Jon Ossoff: Atlanta's 6th District Candidate

Jon Ossoff is the candidate running for the 6th district for Congress in Atlanta to replace Tom Price who became the Health and Safety Secretary for the Trump administration. He's been endorsed by John Lewis and gained a huge amount of support. Jon Ossoff has encouraged Georgia and states beyond to do their best to #Flipthe6th and has gotten many behind his message that he can and will stand up to Trump in Congress. So for those who still don't know who Jon Ossoff is and what he will do for the 6th district and America here are some fun facts:
(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Ossoff campaign -as of yet...a girl can dream-.)

1). Jon has a background as a documentary film maker. He plans to take this experience with investigation into political corruption with him back to the hill and have a non partisan investigation team working in his office.

2). Jon Ossoff's first event with students happened 4/5/17 at Oglethorpe University a small private liberal arts university in Atlanta. The event was sponsored by the Oglethorpe University College Democrats as well as several other organizations (Coexist, Black Student Caucus, and Students Against Sexual Assault). It was a huge success (take it from me: OU's College Democrats president) and we were so honored to have him there as well as all of the students, faculty, and OU alumni in attendance. His speech was incredibly inspiring and we loved getting OU students excited about flipping the 6th.

3). Jon speaks mandarin. Fun fact huh?

4). Jon studied under Madeleine Albright former secretary of state (the first woman to become secretary of state) when he was getting his undergraduate degree at Georgetown university. When he was getting his Master's degree he played third base for the South London Pirates while studying at the London School of Economics.

5). Jon Ossoff has been strongly endorsed by Representative John Lewis who fought for civil rights and continues to fight for what is best for his district in Atlanta. He is also supported by former Georgia governor Roy Barnes and Oglethorpe University alumni Representative D'Shun Kendrick of the 93rd district. His Master's thesis was written about U.S. trade relations with China.

6). Jon has experience working on Capitol Hill. He worked as a senior national security staffer in Congress working to keep Georgia safe with the intelligence community and the military. While he was working on the hill he sang Bass with the National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center.

Above all else Jon cares about doing what's best for the 6th district and presents a positive non partisan message. He inspires hope for a better reality of clean air and water, affordable healthcare that doesn't demonize those with pre-existing conditions, he believes in working with those in Washington representing America on healthcare, infrastructure, and more no matter their party affiliation as long as they can get the right thing done especially what will benefit the 6th district. Vote Jon if you believe America shouldn't be a partisan issue. Vote Jon if you believe we CAN get things done. #Flipthe6th #voteyourossoff

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