6 Things To Remember Before Transforming From A Pet-Less House Into An Indoor Zoo
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6 Things To Remember Before Transforming From A Pet-Less House Into An Indoor Zoo

Warning: filling your house with pets will drastically change your life.

6 Things To Remember Before Transforming From A Pet-Less House Into An Indoor Zoo
Tiffany Collins

Having a house that is full of pets sounds really fun. It is. Take it from me, having three dogs, two cats, a turtle, and a bearded dragon, normal days are replaced with the antics and cuteness of your pets. It’s great when you make the leap from normal, boring household to an indoor zoo. But there’s no turning back.

1. Throw away everything black.

Leggings, shirts, pants, socks, sweatshirts, jackets. Anything. Once you make this leap, all of your black clothes will now be decorated with pet hair.

2. There is no such thing as "running home for a minute."

You walk in to find barking dogs and crying cats. Some want food, some want water, some want to be let outside, some want to play, some want to be pet. And you just can’t ignore them because they’re just so cute. Suddenly your quick run home has turned into an hour.

3. You’re going to hate your mailman/woman.

You hate them for making your dogs crazy. Once one starts barking, all the others join in--even if they can’t see what’s going on. They bark, just in case--they wouldn’t want to miss out on barking at something important.

4. You will find hair everywhere.

On top of hair-filled clothes, you will find hair everywhere. In your car, in your shoes, in your coffee, tea, soda, water, in your food, even in new things that haven’t even reached your house yet. Somehow it gets in there and you will never get it out.

5. Say goodbye to countless pairs of shoes.

While this is usually just a phase, it’s an annoying one. And sometimes it isn’t a phase and you’ve got yourself a pup that is a lifelong shoe-chewer. Every time you turn your back, the pup is eating another pair of shoes. Or wallet or credit card or mail or garbage or the couch or the walls or actually your homework. Yes, it does happen.

6. At least you'll be in shape.

The doggos will escape and they will run. And run. And run. And the next day, they will make the same attempt to get out. You will spend many hours chasing them. Along the way, you’ll collect your share of scars and bruises from the attempted captures. But it’s all worth it when the little guy is back in the house eating your shoes.

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