6 Struggles Of A Family Vacation

6 Struggles Of A Family Vacation

I look forward to them each year, but I am fully aware that family vacations are rarely perfect.

I love going on trips with my family. Just as many others do, we usually plan some sort of a family vacation during the summer. I am hesitant about using the word “vacation,” though, because the trips that my family takes rarely fit the image of relaxing on the beach at a tropical destination. They are busy and packed trips, and as much as I look forward to the fun of them each year, I am fully aware that family vacations are far from perfect. Here are some of the biggest struggles that happen every year:

1. Choosing a destination

It’s a rare occasion that the entire family immediately agrees on where to go. The final result is sure to be a great place, but deciding to go there is the hard part.

2. Finding a place to stay

Having high expectations for hotels is something I try to avoid because it’s impossible to satisfy everyone. Queen sized beds, a perfect location, and a nice pool are all decent requests. What about finding a place that has all of that at a cheap price? It’s probably not going to happen.

3. The drive

Getting everyone in the car on time is a struggle, but keeping everyone in the car content is even more of a challenge. Plus, there’s always that one person who slows down the trip because he needs to go to the bathroom when nobody else does or needs to go and stretch.

4. Choosing what to do

My family typically tries to plan ahead and make sure that the trip has something for everyone. It sounds simple in theory, but making that happen is not as easy at is seems.

5. Deciding where to eat

He wants Italian. She wants Chinese. I want pizza, but after over 30 minutes of finding a place to go, I’ll take just about anything.

6. Not having space

Staying in a hotel room can mean getting pretty cramped, and it's safe to say that we all appreciate some time and space for ourselves. Nevertheless, a family vacation is a family vacation. We stick together and make great memories that we will never forget.
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5 Topics To Broach With Your Opinionated Uncle At That Dreaded Christmas Dinner

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Ah, the holidays. Christmas music, snowy days, getting together with family, and debating politics at the dinner table? Politics are a highly confrontational topic that can really take away from the holiday cheer. Talking from experience, it definitely won't be a "Silent Night" if the topic of politics is brought up.

1. The food

Patricia Lalo

Hail to the chef! They must have spent a lot of time preparing the food for the whole family to enjoy. Give compliments to whoever cooked the meal!

2. Your pets

Patricia Lalo

I could go on for days when it comes to talking about my dog. It is a light-hearted topic that everyone can enjoy. Make sure to show pictures too!

3. Sports

Unless sports are also a heated topic, it's a great topic to distract your relatives from the turmoil the government is in. Football, basketball, and hockey are in season during the holidays, so there are lots to talk about! Talk about how well (or poorly) your favorite team is doing. As a Patriots fan living in New Jersey, I've learned to avoid talking about football to keep peace at the dinner table.

4. Great shows or movies you've watched

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5. The well being of everyone there


Ask everyone how they're doing. It's nice to hear what they're up to since you don't see each other all the time. Talk about travel plans, school, how you're feeling, or simply what you've been up to. Life is hectic and the holidays are meant to bring families together. Enjoy their company while they're there.

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