As a sophomore in my college's sorority, I have the opportunity to take a little sister this year. It has been an exciting and fun week for me, so I can only imagine what my little is feeling. While my little doesn't know it yet, I have met her a couple of times and love her already!

Big-little week consists of older members giving their assigned new member gifts like canvases (with sorority values and sayings), food, and any of their favorite things. At the end of the week, there is a reveal so your little can finally find out who you are. While taking a little is definitely worth it, it is time-consuming and people can tell when big-little week comes around for each sorority on campus.

No matter your sorority or how long you've known your little, here are five obvious signs that you're taking a little.

1. You haven't slept in a week.


After you find out who your little is, there's not much time to find out her interests in order to craft for her. This results in sleepless nights filled with painting and putting glitter on everything.

2. You go to class with paint all over you.

After painting (canvases, bins, crates, tables) almost everything your little receives every minute until the reveal, you're bound to have paint all over you. What's even worse is when you don't realize it and attend class the next day.

3. You live a double life.

When you're trying to keep your identity a secret from your little, it involves not always telling the truth. My major and hometown are just a couple of identifiers that I lied about in order to keep my little wondering who I am.

4. You stalk her social media religiously.

Unless you were already best friends with your little before the reveal, it is hard to find out their interests and likes. Stalking their Facebook and Instagram are two of the easiest ways to get information about them and old embarrassing pictures.

5. You can't stop talking about her.


It's so hard not to talk about your little when the entire big-little week revolves around her! Whether you met your little before reveal or if reveal day will be your first time seeing her, you're bound to be excited about meeting her!

While taking a little is a lot of work, I wouldn't have traded this week for anything. I am beyond excited to meet my little and see her face when she finds out who I am!