Recently, I've been having a rough time in my life. Most of the time, I tend to keep things bottled up until it's too much or flee to my journal, but, apparently, life must just be too much right now because I have non-stop texting my big and my best friend. There's been some guy drama, sure, but also just life drama. It's when I have the peaceful moments like now that I suddenly realize how grateful I am for both of them right now and how much much they might need to hear this.

1. Proofreading my... everything.

Almost never do I send an important text or email without at least one of these girls okaying it first. They know everything about the drama and are willing too make sure I don't go to crazy. My big in particular is a huge help when it comes to the more professional stuff (not surprisingly as she is about to go to grad school).

2. Reining in my crazy.

I'm not just talking like the day-to-day crazy here. I'm talking mind-games-and-shady-business crazy. I can be a real lunatic when it comes to guy drama, let me tell you. These girls make sure that I'm allowed to be a little bit crazy, but not go overboard. I'm trying to keep him, not scare him away after all.

3. Letting me rant.

Somedays, I just need to rant. Sometimes, it's something totally valid that I'm upset about. Other times, it's just stupid shit that won't mean anything, but it's another piece of me not many get to see as it is totally situational. One day, I went on a text rant to my big about how stupid some of the Disney princess are and she was totally on board with in. Another time, I spent like an hour ranting to my best friend about this one bad grade I had gotten unexpectedly because my professor didn't keep up with his Blackboard. Honestly, they're such troopers.

4. Knowing when to leave some things alone.

There are just some days where I can't. I often have a breakdown with my mom when life gets really overwhelming, and the girls seem to be fine with not making me discus the details of these breakdowns. As long as I'm giving them the gist of what caused it, they are happy to just let the rest of it be. It's hard enough for me to admit I need help and advice without prodding.

5. Reminding me how strong I am.

Sometimes, I feel like the littlest speck of dust that can just be wiped away at any moment and there's nothing I can do about it. These girls remind me that I am more than that. They remind me that I am a strong young woman and I deserve all the love and respect in the world. They remind me that I will be okay, even if I'm not right now, because I always am.

6. Always being there for me.

No matter what the problem is, I know Jaimee and Tori will always, always be there for me. Even if it takes a little time, I know it'll come. Even if they can't be right by my side, I know they're sending me love and moral support. And there is no doubt in my mind that one day they'll be by my side for my wedding day and when *cough*if*cough* I have children. They always have and always will be there for me and that is the greatest thing I can possibly hope for.