6 Notable Games From 2016 Rivalry Week

6 Notable Games From 2016 Rivalry Week

There is nothing better than a deep rivalry paired with football.

The second-to-last week of regular season college football, also known as rivalry week, graced viewers with football heaven this past weekend. The College Football Playoff looming above the heads of athletes and coaches has amplified these rivalries to the point where even newborns are gifted from birth. The result? A weekend dedicated to sitting on the edge of your seat and waking up the next morning to a lost voice.

1. Ohio State vs. Michigan (30-27)

Where do I begin? Fourth-and-1, six seconds left with overtime looming overhead—the first in Ohio State vs. Michigan's 113-game rivalry. On-field scuffles, overtime and then double overtime later. Ohio State came out victorious this year and Michigan may be out of playoff contention. Harbaugh may disagree with the call prior to the final play, which allowed a first down, but we'll see what the selection committee officially decides.

2. Penn State vs. Michigan State (45-12)

This game may have been predictable, but Penn State winning the Big Ten East was not. Penn State's 2-2 start this season and losing 49-10 to Michigan did not strike me as potential title-winner material. Penn had a 35-0 lead in the first half alone, while the Spartans are losing what got them to the College Football Playoffs just last season. On the bright side, Penn State is regaining its balance and it's a joy to watch.

3. Kentucky vs. Louisville (41-38)

Lamar Jackson, Heisman-favorite, ended the game breaking Howard Stevens' 1,429 rushing yard mark while also breaking Deshaun Watson's previous record for single-season touchdown record within the ACC. A 47-yard field goal with 12 seconds left in the game was what determined the fate. Jackson threw three interceptions, which hopefully does not affect his Heisman Trophy race.

4. Alabama vs. Auburn (30-12)

Although not a huge surprise, you can't help but feel some form of satisfaction when Alabama wins (maybe due to the fact that Nick Saban is one of the greatest college football coaches in history). Auburn was first on the board with a field goal, however 20 minutes into the game they still hadn't gotten a first down. Alabama led 13-9 at halftime and is unlikely to shift from their No. 1 ranking.

5. Florida State vs. Florida (31-13)

Dalvin Cook joined Sammie Smith, who in 1988 also had three consecutive 100-yard games against UF. UF was 0-12 for third down efficiency and has not had an offensive touchdown against FSU since the two played in 2014. Great game for the Seminoles, but for the Gators this is just a warning for a possible repeat of how they ended last year.

6. USF vs. UCF (48-31)

GO BULLS (although this was no surprise). The War On I-4 ended with USF extending the longest active streak of games with 30-plus points (at 16 games currently) and the Bulls ending their season with a record of 10-2. UCF led two minutes into the game, but Marlon Mack returned with two running touchdowns accompanied by Juwuan Brown's 22-yard fumble return.

Cover Image Credit: W3LiveNews

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Being A Collegiate Athlete Doesn't Give You A Free Pass To Be An Absolute Idiot

Let’s be clear for once, shall we? What these student-athletes did was absolutely idiotic.

In my neck of the woods, collegiate athletes seemed to be the overly-sung heroes.

I used to hear stories of the ones who went off from the high school football team to do bigger and better things at bigger and better schools. Football is the talk of my Snapchat feed every week during those short Fall months.

The football players are the top-dog cliché in all teen movies. In such a small part of the country, the collegiate athletes appear larger than life. That power can surely go to their heads.

Bowling Green State University is back in the swing after a week away on Spring Break. It’s the talk of classrooms for weeks beforehand, most of the students headed towards the sunny shores of Florida for some light-hearted fun. It’s the best time to have some fun with your close friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, for some members of the university football team, those memories hold really big consequences.

Over the break in Miami, football players from my college were caught in a beach brawl that ended up right on Instagram. The video shows the players in the midst of a physical altercation with others who remain unnamed. The clip shows other beach-goers watching with their phones recording, egging on the fight for their own amusement.

Although parts of the story remain unclear, an investigation is being conducted by the university.

Looking through comments on the video from locals, they don’t seem to care that these players made complete fools of themselves. They were commenting on how this aggression and this “grit” was in a beach fight and not on the field. They talk about their skills as players but not their character as human beings.

Newsflash to all the college athletics spectators: These are students, human beings just like you and me who also make mistakes. When these kids make mistakes, like they will eventually, they need to know that they made a mistake. Now is not the time to talk about the yearly football rivalry. Do not inflate their egos even more.

While we're at it, to the college athletes: You are not the hero that the students and faculty paint you out to be.

Let’s be clear for once, shall we? What these student-athletes did was absolutely idiotic.

They didn’t really know how to switch from the pedestal they’re put on in a small-town school to regular tourists in a large and vast city. Their actions now reflect poorly on the mentality and morality of an entire school.

That small-town mentality that inflates the egos of athletes has given them a trip home into some deep trouble.

To the people out of the country who will read this article and see that video: I am not a student at a school with a football team that sucks. I am a student at a school with an awesome English department.

Cover Image Credit: @dreadhead_wildboy

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LeBron In The NFL Just Makes Sense

LeBron could be the G.O.A.T. if he made the switch.

Recently, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie phenom Juju Smith-Schuster jokingly (or not so jokingly) sent out a tweet attempting to recruit Lebron James to the NFL, saying "Announcing my official campaign to recruit @KingJames to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2018 season. LeBron has done everything in the NBA. He can be the best athlete EVER if he makes the move to the NFL and wins a Super Bowl with Steeler Nation... ." (Via @Teamjuju on twitter)

Yes, from afar this does seem quite ridiculous. Let's see, Lebron James, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, in the NFL. On the surface, there really is no reason for LeBron to take his talents to the NFL. In fact, he could walk away from his own career in basketball right now, and still be considered one of the greatest to play. However, what Juju is getting at here is that if LeBron were to go to the league, he could be the best athlete of all time. We've seen players double up in professional sports before, Michael Jordan with baseball and basketball and Bo Jackson going double with football and baseball. LeBron would be playing basketball and football, which is undoubtedly more demanding on the body than doubling with baseball.

No one doubts that LeBron would have an impact in the NFL, his 6'8", 250-pound frame is perfect for a tight end or wide receiver in the league, and in high school, he was a highly regarded football prospect, scoring 27 touchdowns in just two years of competition. But you know, basketball. With his size, he would have easily towered over any defensive back he faced, and on top of that, LeBron apparently owns a 44-inch vertical jump as well, making him virtually unstoppable from a pass-catching standpoint.

The only question at this point is LeBron age. At 33 years old, LeBron has already put his body through so much strain.It would be an extremely difficult jump from basketball, with fouls being called at the slightest bit of contact, to football, where some players describe impact as being hit by a car. Yes, Tom Brady is still kicking at 40, going on 41 years old, but the quarterback faces probably the least amount of physical stress as any player on the field. It would be extremely difficult to switch to football at this age and be able to take hit after hit, but if anyone can do it, I guess it would be LeBron.

On top of that, if LeBron were to switch to the NFL unless he surprisingly chose to join his hometown Cleveland Browns, he would most likely be going to a championship contender. If he was to win a championship, who could question him as the best athlete of all time? If some people are calling Kobe the G.O.A.T. for dominating the NBA and the Oscars, LeBron would definitely be the G.O.A.T. for careers in the NBA and the NFL.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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