The 2019 FIFA Woman's world cup is currently taking place in France. The very first Woman's World cup event was held in China in 1991, only 27 years ago. 7 competitions have taken place since then and a lot of amazing women have done some pretty amazing things! Here are just a few of them!!

1. 1991

The year of the very first Woman's World Cup! The games were played in China. The United States won the tournament after winning the final game against Norway 2-1. Both goals were scored by US team member Michelle Akers.

2. 1995

Sweden became the first country to host both the men's and woman's world cup. Many other countries joined the tournament in this year including Canada, England and Australia. This was a huge step towards to acceptance of Woman's soccer teams.

3.  2007

A forward from England, Kelly Smith, scored two back to back goals against Japan. To celebrate her awesome moves she took her boot off and kissed it, turning her into a world cup celebrity.

4. 2011

After a devastating Earthquake, Japan took home their very first Woman's world cup trophy after a penalty shoot out

5. 2019

Italy won their very first woman's world game in over two decades after a 2-1 win against Australia.

6. 2019

Alex Morgan scores 5 goals against Thailand. The US brought home the win, beating Thailand 13-0. 13 goals is the most goals ever scored in a world cup game. Women's or Men's. Go girls!!

Overall, We have come really far with the participation of women in soccer. These girls have done some pretty amazing things, and the future of women's soccer looks very bright.