6 Local Orange County Bands You Should Know
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6 Local Orange County Bands You Should Know

A look at some of bands the local scene has to offer.

6 Local Orange County Bands You Should Know
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All the bands and artists you listen to were at one-time local bands. Without people like you, these bands wouldn't be where they are today. Orange County has been the starting point for bands like No Doubt, Social Distortion, Thrice and countless others. Knowing where these bands came from is important but it’s also important to know the current local bands. Supporting these bands is easy-just go to their shows and tell people about them - word of mouth is more important than you think. With all of that, here are six local bands you should know!

1. The Grinns

The Grinns are a band from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. They currently have one full-length album called "Colorblind" and one EP called "Rituals." They've played shows at House Of Blues and do house shows all over the county. This band is definitely one band you should look out for and go see if they're playing near you.

FFO: The Growlers, Lovely Bad Things

Check out San Francisco by The Grinns here:

2. Sounds Of Satellites

If you’re into punk and emo music, this is a band that should be on your radar. With one full-length album out and one EP, Sounds Of Satellites is a killer band. They recently just had a headlining show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California, a legendary place for music. I suggest checking them out because they put a unique twist on punk and emo music.

FFO: mewithoutYou, Manchester Orchestra, As Cities Burn

Check out their newest EP here.

3. Westpark

This band goes to the same high school I went to, which I think is pretty awesome, and they also have really awesome music. The band consists of three soon-to-be college freshmen. They’ve won the Irvine Battle of the Bands competition twice, which is something no other band has done before. Winning the competition and the fact that they have awesome music are two reasons why you should give them a listen.

FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks

Check out their song "Simple Thoughts (Stuck With You)."

4. Like Adults

Formally known as Anaurac, Like Adults has played shows all around the country, including shows at Saddleback College. They have one album out that was just recently re-released under their new name. According to the band's Facebook page, they plan on touring more this summer, so make sure you make it out to a show to support them and hear their music live.

FFO: Weezer, Green Day

Listen to the new album, "I Don't Stand A Chance" here.

5. Pedestrian

Definitely a different style of music than most people are used to, Pedestrian is mostly an ambient rock band, but has some singing in their music. They released their first full-length album last year, and it's for sure an album you need in your life. The songs start out slow and mellow, but then pick up steam, making you want to finish listening to get the blast of energy from the song. This is a band you don't want to miss out on.

FFO: Explosions In The Sky, The Appleseed Cast, American Football

Check out their album "Healthy Ways To Die" right here.

6.The Side Eyes

Female-fronted bands are slowly getting more and more popular which is awesome! The Side Eyes are a punk band with a female lead singer! They play a lot of shows in OC and L.A., and are a band you should check out! If you’re into more punk sounding music, this is the band for you! They just released an EP on cassette through Burger Records.

FFO: Bikini Kill, early Sleater Kinney

Here’s their song, "Cat Call."

If you’re ever looking for new music or just want to know what's happening musically in Orange County, give these bands a listen. The local scene is just as important as the bands that tour around the world, because local bands are the beginning of the music scene.

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