6 Common Myths You May Have Heard About Liberty University

6 Common Myths You May Have Heard About Liberty University

Lets just take a moment to disprove all of them

When Liberty University is mentioned, it is often hinted at with a negative connotation. So many people have a negative view of Liberty University for reasons that are actually nonexistent. I, a current Liberty student, even held a negative view of the school due to twisted lies that I had heard about it that I can now testify to be false. Here are just a few myths disproven that you may have heard at some point about Liberty University:

1. We are super strict

Sure there are some rules, but the rules are definitely not as strict as you thought they were. I remember hearing someone tell me they got fined for getting out of bed the wrong way. Yes, the RA's enforce the rules, but they are understanding of what it is like to be a college student. They know what is reasonable and how to show mercy. Each rule is set in place in order to produce success and greatness from each student. The rules are not set in place with the intention of taking away student's fun, but they are there in order to better the students.

2. We can't have fun

Often times I am faced with the question of what Liberty students do on the weekends. With no sororities or alcohol, what is a school to do, right? To answer that I can say that I don't think I've ever been in an environment where I have seen more flyers for events going on at campus than in my time at Liberty. There are always super creative events taking place on campus such as concerts, dance nights, Scaremare, Coffeehouse, Camp Hidaway, etc. The sporting events are always filled with so much school spirit and fun. Not to mention, though most people wouldn't choose Lynchburg, Virginia as their destination for a vacation, there are actually several places where college students can hang out and have a good time. I'm convinced Liberty students have the best time because the fun they have is clean and moralistic.

3. Girls and guys can't associate

This is definitely not a true statement. Girls and guys can associate with each other basically anywhere on campus except for halls and dorm rooms. The Commons is a co-ed dorm and even has a common room between halls in which guys and girls can associate. Not to mention, there are such things as open dorms where guys are allowed to enter girls rooms and girls can do the same with the guys hall. There are so many opportunities to get to know people of the opposite sex - no wonder ring by spring is such a thing.

4. We are not allowed to leave campus without permission

Even with a curfew, you are allowed to leave campus at any time. If you choose to leave after curfew, all you have to do is sign out. I remember hearing from someone that every time Liberty students left campus, they had to notify someone. It's not parole, it's college! You are a young adult and can make your own choices without telling someone every move you make. If you would like to leave campus you are given that freedom at Liberty to do so without notifying anyone.

5. It's the school you go to when you can't get into anywhere else

Believe it or not, Liberty University actually has a 22% acceptance rate. That is way lower than most schools. It is the largest school in Virginia and the largest Christian school in the world. It offers 500 programs of study. Liberty has recently been accredited for its success in the law school and school of business. The Liberty University School of Law's Moot team has just been ranked number nine in the nation. The school has produced several notable alumni such as Shannon Bream, TobyMac, and Rashad Jennings. While most schools challenge its students academically, Liberty challenges its students academically and spiritually. Your professors want to challenge you to prepare you for success, and also pray for you and get to know you on a deeper level in order to grow you spiritually.

6. We are all judgmental

Just because the school holds certain views does not by any means mean that we judge anyone whose beliefs differ with ours. Liberty is a school based upon and rooted in Christianity and Conservatism. But just because the beliefs that Liberty holds may be different from others does not mean that we have a right to judge them. However, we do hold the right to disagree. I cannot speak on behalf of the whole student body, but as a Christian school, it would be against Biblical principles to judge anyone else. To those who have been judged by people of Liberty, I am truly sorry - that is not what the school is based on. Liberty is also open to hearing different view points, for example, when the school invited Bernie Sanders to speak. Liberty University is a school that wants to produce students who share the love of Christ to one another despite differences.

Hopefully this article was able to give you a little glimpse of what Liberty University looks like and was able to clear some air as to what is truth and what is false. Liberty University is a school that does its best to produce students who are successful academically, morally, and spiritually. Yes, it is unique and different from your average school, but I am fully convinced that Liberty students are able to enjoy themselves the most because of the safe, clean, and moralistic environment that Liberty does its best to maintain.

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I'm An 18-Year-Old Female And I Will Never Be A Feminist

Honestly, I'd rather be caught dead than caught calling myself a modern-day feminist.

"A man told me to have a good day... I'm triggered." How ludicrous does that sound? Tune in because that is the extent of modern day feminism.

Sure, I think boys are stupid and that I'm probably better than 90% of the male population, but that doesn't make me a modern-day feminist. Now I believe that woman should stand up for themselves, and Golding's quote: "I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been," is by far one of my favorite quotes... but modern day feminism is not something I want to be associated with.

I'm all for "anything you can do I can do better," and "We can do it!" but realistically speaking in some situations, that isn't feasible. As an 18-year-old woman who works out regularly, and is stronger than the average female, I couldn't carry a 190-pound man back to a safe zone after he was shot on the front line of a war even if I tried. It is not anatomically possible for a grown woman to be as strong as a fully developed male.

Reality check: Men and women are not equal.

They are not physically equal, they are not mentally equal. Modern-day feminism is equality between the two genders, but corrupt and on steroids. I support what feminism used to be. I support women who work hard and have goals and ambition... not girls who hate men and stomp around with no shirts on to piss off the public. Feminism has developed into a polluted teaching that young men and women are plunging into.

We are built dissimilarly.

The human brain is literally an organ that is sex oriented. There is a cognitive difference, that singlehandedly destroys gender equality.

I will not spend my time running a revolution against anyone who likes Donald Trump. I am not going to binge watch Trump's twitter in an effort to start some leftist gob of drama. I refuse to be part of this head hunt to attack all Republicans on the newest Instagram post made about how feminism is stupid. I do not hate men, and society would crash and burn without the successful men and women who work together to create what we call the United States of America.

Why, you ask? Why are the 15-25 year olds of our society clinging to feminism? They are hopping on the rapidly growing bandwagon where all the hipsters, feminists and Trump haters reside. It's "cool" to hate Donald Trump. Twitter is a world of liberalism, hatred and fake love towards all. Social media is where this generation is living — and modern-day feminism brews there.

We need to keep separation in the household within roles.

We must raise our children to do what they are best at rather than trying to do something they are incapable of just to prove an irrelevant point.

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We cannot let this briskly changing society sway us away from what is going to keep the world working precisely.

Cover Image Credit: Macey Joe Mullins

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Time: An Odd Social Construct by Humans

Time is a mysterious and complex concept to understand, but my thought process says otherwise. Time is a flawed concept, and I'm here to tell you why.


A physicists definition of time: "the progression of events from the past to the present and into the future. We all know the word; we use it daily for everything we do;, however, are we using it right? It's just something us humans composed to explain another oddity in the universe. There are days I wonder if time is an actual thing in the universe. Who invented it? Why did they invent it? Isn't it relative? What if it was all fake and we're telling the wrong time? These are questions I ask myself sometimes. You might be confused about where I'm going with this, so let me explain my speculations on time.

I was reading an article about the concept of time and was intrigued by its dictionary definition stated above. I understand the past was before it already happened, however, what about now? If it's a progression from the past to the present and into the future, aren't we always in the future? For example, you are reading this article right now, but every word you scan was going to happen; you knew the future before the present. This isn't on purpose, I promise!

I know that was short, so let me explain another. There are many ways to measure weight: years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, nanoseconds, etc.; but what if I told you this was all a lie? Every second you have been counting was fake; from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep was different. You ate dinner at the wrong time, maybe it's not 4 p.m. at all. You never knew that could happen, did you? Time juxtaposes itself so much that even us humans couldn't figure the loose ends it holds.

There is this other fact about our brain and time you may know but not a whole lot. In our brain we have this gadget called the circadian rhythms, it is used as a clock in our body. That's why you sleep when it gets dark and wake up when the sun rises. Let me ask you one question: Has there a day or many days when your day seems to have gone by fast? I'm sure you answered "yes" because I sure have had my days gone by quickly here and there. This happens\u00a0because when an exciting event occurs to our body clock increases and vice versa. My question is, however, that if our circadian rhythms increase speed, shouldn't the time in reality also increase speed? Why is that our day can go by so fast, but, still, the time on the clock is the same? My speculation is that the time we're used to in the real world is wrong, and we should be following the time based on our body. When we get tired, that's when we go to sleep, and when our body says to wake up, that's when we should wake up.

Scientists say there was a beginning of time, and that was the era of the Big Bang Theory. However, isn't the BBT just a theory? As far as I know, a theory is a superstition or system of ideas. If time started during the BBT according to scientists, then time never started at all. We never proved the BBT ever happened, so\u00a0how can we prove that time began at that moment? To me, I don't think time ever existed until the dawn of humans or when the earth was formed; that's also your opinion to make on that case. That means that time never started or ended at any given point in history until the formation of humans on planet earth.

All in all, do I think time is a cool concept? Yes, I do. Is time complex? Oh my, probably the most complex thing I've seen so far! Do I think time is real? Not really, I think time is an illusion. Then again, this is all just my simple opinion that can go on for hours, if I had the "time" anyway.

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