53 Thoughts I Have When I Think About Starting Junior Year

While the burden of junior year is a heavy weight on our shoulders, it is part of growing up. Savor every last second of summer you have left because you won't see it again in another 256 days. So with the coming reality of junior year, here are 53 of the most random thoughts I had.

1. Welcome to hell.

2. Are the horror stories true?

3. Do I even look 16?

4. I look like I’m in elementary school.

5. I wish I could go back to kindergarten.

6. That was fun – clay turkey pots are fun.

7. I wonder If my mom still kept that.

8. What if time just stopped now?

9. What if the thing that happened to that girl in the movie, "Before I Fall" happened to me, and I relived the same day over and over again?

10. What was her name; she was pretty.

11. It was Zoe Deutch.

12. Actually I’d rather go to school than relive the same day.

13. I’m basically still a freshman, no way I’m 16.

14. Who am I kidding I’m still in middle school.

15. Wow my life has gone by so fast.

16. I’m too young to do this.

17. What is an SAT?

18. What is an ACT?

19. What is junior year?

20. What is college?

21. What is my life?

22. Well at least my classes seem cool.

23. Just kidding, my AP courses have tripled since last year.

24. What if my teachers suck?

25. How do you even write a college essay?

26. What if my teachers are amazing, and the year if filled with butterflies and rainbows?

27. Sike, that would actually be a miracle.

28. Goodbye, friends.

29. Goodbye, social life.

30. How do you calculus?

32. I suck at driving.

33. What if I crash while going to school?

34. How do I join enough extracurricular activities while still keeping up my grades up?

35. I hope I get nice back to school clothes.

36. I need new shoes.

37. And a new back pack.

38. I haven’t seen Shirley in 2 whole months.

39. I miss Shirley.

40. Wow everyone is at the beach.

41. I wish I was at the beach.

42. Wow, upperclassman – I can finally sneak a desert from the senior desert table.

43. I wish I was a senior.

44. I am so scared.

45. This determines my future.

46. I better slay this year.

47. I want to leave Georgia.

48. OMG I’m going to have to leave my parents.

49. How do you do laundry?

50. Wait, I have one more year, don’t worry.

51. It probably won’t be that bad.

52. Orientation is next week.

53. I actually kind of miss school.

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