A 50 Years Kind Of Love
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A 50 Years Kind Of Love

You just have to walk up a hill to find it.

A 50 Years Kind Of Love

It’s baffling to think what can be accomplished in 50 years. Fifty years ago it was 1966, the Vietnam War continued on, the first ATM was introduced and mini TVs hit stores for the first time ever. Race riots and protests continued across the country, vinyl was the “in" fashion trend, and gasoline would run you 32 cents a gallon. To look at how far we as a society have come in the course of five decades is mind blowing. But now imagine a love that spanned that whole lapse in time and still continued.

Through anything and everything life could possibly ever throw at you in five decades of life, one person stayed through it all. Sounds kind of like a unicorn in this world today but believe it or not I found it. It still exists out in this big old world. The example I tracked down didn’t take me long. It was in a small little town in Minnesota, it’s my grandparents. They grew up in the same small town and after high school he attended Minnesota State and she attended the nursing school in the same city. Separated by a hill, he would walk up half a mile to pick her up on Friday nights for dinner and a movie, walk to the movie, and walk her home before making the trek back to his own dorm.

They married, had a family and have enjoyed the ride of life together ever since. It may sound ordinary, but it’s the kind of love this world could use a little more of. It’s committed, loyal, supportive, the kind of love that builds you up and lasts undoubtedly.

In the words of the legendary Etta James, “It’s that Sunday kind of love.” It lasts past Saturday night, keeps you warm through the whole week until the next Sunday. You know it will always be there and you know you can count on it. It gives you goose bumps with its gentleness, and is strong as a rock to lean on.

Sometimes I wonder if the world has lost sight of the fact that the right love is meant to be timeless. The right love will NEVER hurt you, will not tear you down or make you feel small. It really is out there as crazy as it sounds but once you see it, whether you experience it or just witness it first hand, you’ll know it’s what you need and deserve in life. It’s there for everyone you just have to look hard enough and maybe walk up a hill or two.

It’s a 50 years kind of love, a Sunday kind of love, and a love worth waiting for.

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