50 Things That Make You Happy

We all have bad days, be it from stress at work, school or just life in general. We wallow in our own sadness sometimes, which is fine, but when that happens we need to take the time to appreciate the positive things we already have in our lives. Even the simplest things can bring us the most joy.

1. Cats: fluffy, purring bundles of joy.

2. Sunshine: the more vitamin D the better.

3. Netflix: netflix and chill? More like binging Orange Is The New Black till 4am.

4. Polaroid Cameras: shake it.

5. Chipotle: aka heaven.

6. Books: escape from reality.

7. Concerts: nothing is better than experiencing your favorite artist live.

8. Makeup: the paint for the best canvas.

9. Cozy Sweatshirts: the more oversized the better.

10. Laughing: it's the best medicine.

11. Frozen Hot Chocolates: the most delicious yet contradictive beverage.

12. Vinyl Records: girl put your records on.

13. Smiling: till it hurts.

14. Adventures: always having a serious case of wanderlust.

15. Friends (tv show & humans): i'll be there for you.

16. Rain: is there a better sound to fall asleep to?

17. Beaches: ocean breeze makes me feel at ease.

18. Candles: why yes i do need every scent possible for every occasion.

19. Good Health: taken for granted.

20. Movies: anything with john cusack.

21. Musicals: who has the entire hamilton soundtrack memorized? me.

22. Beanies: best fix to a bad hair day or pure laziness.

23. Long Drives: late night explorations.

24. Sleeping In: oh shit it's 4pm? whoops.

25. Holidays: Halloween movies, Halloween candy.. is it October 31st yet?

26. Coffee Shops: you'll usually find me at muggswigz.

27. Music: therapy for the soul.

28. Book Stores: you'll find me lost in the book loft.

29. Adidas: the superstars are really pretty okay.

30. Drive-Ins: summer nights.

31. Sephora: too faced, nars, & tarte... oh my.

33. Working Out: if that's your thing.

34. Kindness: random acts of it.

35. Sunsets: pure beauty.

36. Dancing: my hips do not lie.

37. Cooking: kraft mac & cheese counts.

38. One Direction: baby you light up my world like nobody else.

39. Faith: gives us a sense of hope when we need it.

40. Bunnies: not the chocolate ones, the fluffy ones with floppy ears.

41. Clean Water: also taken for granted.

42. Bonfires: officially the perfect ending to an autumn night.

43. Pizzas: anything but Hawaiian for god sakes.

44. Childhood Memories: good or bad, they're part of who you are.

45. Clean Sheets: throw in freshly shaven legs and you're in heaven.

46. Festivals: Coachella bro.

47. Wi-Fi: excuse me, what's the password?

48. Family: always there for you no matter what.

49. Chinese Takeout: yum yum orange chicken yum yum.

50. Love: love actually is all around.

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