50 Things Kent State Students Hate About Kent State
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50 Things Kent State Students Hate About Kent State

It's a love/hate relationship.

50 Things Kent State Students Hate About Kent State
Kent State University

It seems that Kent State students love to brag about how great their university is and talk about all things wonderful at Kent State. That's all great, but there are some things that everyone is thinking, but no one wants to say. These are all the annoying aspects of Kent that the students actually hate. I asked 50 students to tell me one thing they hate about our college and these are the responses that I got.

I hate:

1. That Kent can never freakin' clear the sidewalks or roads.

2. That the squirrels almost touch me on a daily basis.

3. Thots.


5. The fact that they called all the other campuses off but main campus students still have to trudge to class in six inches of snow.

6. How ruthless parking services is.

7. Every adviser ever.

8. The fact this this town was designed for a population of five.

9. The fact that campus is so spread out for no reason.

10. That some worker literally threw salt on me yesterday; like, sorry my walking interrupted you.

11. The college's WiFi.

12. Registering for classes makes me feel like I'm in the "Hunger Games."

13. That we see all the other campuses closing on FlashAlerts and we don't close.

14. The fact that nobody even knows what a golden flash is.

15. Parking Services … They can go somewhere and take their tickets too.

16. Constant construction everywhere you look.

17. The ungodly sauna that is in Bowman.

18. There are literally no hot guys.

19. The police are ruthless.

20. Lack of parking.

21. How long the Eastway omelet line always is.

22. All the scary men in black trench coats and fedoras handing out Bibles.

23. The fact we have an Olympic size swimming pool in the rec that no one uses.

24. The wind tunnel by the library.

25. Our football team.

26. When people call Kent 'Kent State of "America.

27. The fact people who don’t go to Kent always say “Kent read, Kent write, Kent State."

28. The fact Greek life is never recognized for all the good they do.


30. When I’m out of state, people always think I say “Penn State.” I DON’T GO TO PENN STATE.

31. I hate the fact the library closes on Fridays and Saturday nights. Like, why?

32. I hate dorm rooms and roommates.

33. How much tuition is.

34. The fact that people think just because you’re a girl and you go to Kent, that automatically means you’re a fashion major. WE'RE NOT ALL FASHION MAJORS.

35. The high school townies that walk around campus on their snow days.

36. The protesters who make you want to run and scream for your life.

37. The stupid hub meal plan rules.

38. When the parking meter doesn't even acknowledge the hard-earned coin I just inserted into the damn thing.

39. The hockey players… I’m going to stop myself there.

40. The rec parking lot, TALK ABOUT A HOT MESS!

41. The fact that the frat houses look like they are going to fall into a sink hole at any moment.

42. Trying to call the school to ask a question and being put on hold for four years.

43. 70 credit hours of NON-MAJOR RELATED CLASSES.

44. No matter what time you go to Chipotle, there will always be a line out the door.

45. The Kent Core classes.

46. Going to the gym means seeing everyone you know and their mom.

47. The fact that there are five parking spots for 26,000 students.

48: I hate vicious black squirrels that try to attack.

49: Although there are things that I hate at this university, Kent State University has molded me into the person I am today, and has benefited me in more ways that I would have ever imagined.

50: I hate that despite all of Kent's flaws, Kent State has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I hate that I love this school so stinking much.

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