50 Things Every College Student Has Definitely Googled

Have you ever wondered how previous generations ever learned about, like, anything with Google? I mean, sure, books were a thing. But what did college students do when they wanted to ask a question that was embarrassing to ask ("what is "The Quan" and how do I hit it?"), or when they needed information immediately ("What are the official rules for beer pong?"), or when they needed to learn an entire course five minutes before a huge test ("Summarize the entire middle ages in one paragraph no big words please")? The fact is, life before Google was probably pretty hard. The average college student of 2016 can't go a single day without Googling something. Why do we need books when Google can just tell us everything we need to know, in bullet point form, and with handy little pictures to go with it?

If you are a college student living in today's world, here are 50 things you have probably googled at some point

1. "How much does the average stripper make?"

2. "What does the smirking emoji face mean in a text?"

3. "Why are the Kardashians famous?"

4. "How to convince my professor to let me turn in a late assignment?"

5. "How much alcohol can I drink before I will probably die?"

6. "How much instant ramen is too much instant ramen?"

7. "How do you spell definatly defiantly definitely?"

8. "How late does my professor have to be before I can just leave?"

9. "Beer before liquor or liquor before beer?"

10. "My dishwasher is exploding what do I do??"

11. "How to murder my roommate and get away with it"

12. "If I sell my kidney on the black market, will I have enough to repay my student loans?"

13. "Are the campus squirrels usually so friendly?"

14. "Chipotle near me"

15. "Will a sugar daddy pay off my student loans?"

16. "Who was that one actor in that one movie with that one actress?"

17. "How to write an essay on a topic I know nothing about?"

18. "How many days can I go without sleep and still function as a human?"

19. "What jobs require no math but still make a lot of money?"

20. "How can I lose 15 pounds by tomorrow?"

21. "Do you have to separate your laundry into whites and colors?"

22. "Where can I buy a fake ID?"

23. "If I die do I still have to pay my student loans?"

24. "Free Netflix account passwords"

25. "Is my (insert body part here) supposed to look like this?"

26. "How to sleep in class without anyone noticing"

27. "What is the other 98 percent of 2% milk?"

28. "If there is New Jersey, what happened to Old Jersey?"

29. "I think my upstairs neighbors might actually be elephants"

30. "Can google translate do all of my Spanish homework?"

31. "Can I pay someone to clean my room for me?"

32. "Will my RA know if I sneak a puppy into my dorm?"

33. "Summarize "Game of Thrones" so I can pretend I know what everyone is talking about"

34. "Tips to memorize an entire textbook overnight"

35. "How long can I live at Starbucks before I have to pay rent?"

36. "Can you catch any diseases from communal showers?"

37. "That hand trick for memorizing your nines tables?"

38. "What jobs can I do from home without moving from my bed?"

39. "how to unsend 23 drunk texts to my ex?"

40. "Tips and tricks to make my essay look longer"

41. "(the name of the hot guy/girl who sits two desks down from you in class)"

42. "What is contouring and am I supposed to be doing it?"

43. "Quizlet with every answer to my online test"

44. "I think my roommate might actually be Satan"

45. "Can't stop feeling like I'm forgetting to do something?"

46. "Why can't I just use Wikipedia as a reliable source?"

47. "I was supposed to write an essay but instead I watched seven seasons of "The Office" how do I type an essay in 20 minutes?"

48. "Can I go to jail for downloading movies illegally?"

49. "Will more alcohol get rid of a hangover?"

50. "Can I just drop out of college and be a janitor?"

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