5 Ways To Balance School And A Social Life

5 Ways To Balance School And A Social Life

Struggling to keep your grades up while having a social life? Here are 5 ways to balance school work and a social life.


Every student knows the feeling. When you have impending work to do, but you end up hanging out with your friends. Especially in college, many deadlines for assignments can creep up on you, and can be due sooner than you think. Therefore, even if it isn't due the next day, it is important to find a way to get your work done, while still maintaining a social life.

1. Know that grades come first. 

Even though friendships are important to have, grades come first always. When you are studying at a University, the tuition, room and board, and meal plans are not used for you to solely make friends. Especially in college, where it should not be every night, it is important to understand that there are going to be some nights that you must stay in and study. If you are struggling with this, remind yourself that it is only until the assignments you are working on are finished, and how in the long term getting better grades will benefit you.

2. Work on assignments in breaks in your class schedule. 

One thing that is common for students to experience is that they understand materials in class, but when they leave class, they fail to remember the materials when working on assignments. One way to avoid this is by getting in the habit of working on your assignments right after the class that you have if you have a break in your schedule. This can avoid the confusions that you may have. Also, this way, later on in the evening when classes are done, you can be able to see your friends without having to focus on work.

3. Plan a time in your day dedicated to doing schoolwork. 

As a student, your days are not structured in the typical work day setup. Also, especially being away at school, there is no one telling you when to do your homework assignments. Therefore, it is important to supply yourself with at least one time everyday that you give yourself to do homework for your classes. During this time, no matter what your friends are doing, you will communicate with them that you have to do homework. This way, when in a set routine, it will be easier to get work done at this time. Also, this leaves you with other times the rest of the day to see your friends.

4. Finish your work during the week. 

Let's be real here, on a weekend in college, even though I say I will be completing homework, I never do as much homework as I tell myself I will do. This is because, weekends are a prime time for social events in college. This is the time that you should be able to have fun, socialize, and meet more people. Therefore, make sure to have your work done during the week, so that you are able to have fun on the weekends without hurting your GPA while you are at it.

5. Study for exams in small increments each day. 

Where this one is easier said than done, it is an important one to try and follow. Studying for exams in increments over time will not only benefit your grade, but your social life as well. When you cram for exams constantly, this consists of days that you will essentially not be incorporating balance in your schedule. Yet, it is this balanced schedules that are able to keep us doing well in school. Studying for exams ahead of time will be able to keep you not only balanced, but you will be able to remember more material that will be on the exam better this way.

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