5 Ways To Treat Yourself After Surviving Finals Week

After a week (Or, semester, really) of sleepless nights and copious amounts of studying you've finally made it to the end. It's time to celebrate.

Have a Christmas movie binge party


Grab your buds, put on your best cozy pajamas, and have a full night of Christmas classics like Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Elf.

Take yourself out to dinner


You've been eating at the same cafeterias all semester, and after finishing finals you deserve a meal you didn't have to wait in line for.

Read... for fun


No more monotonous textbooks! Read something for actual enjoyment - there's no better way to relax than reading a story you're genuinely interested in.

Go out for a shopping day


You've saved up all semester, and you probably need to buy presents for your relatives anyways. Take a day-trip to a nearby city and have some fun.

Drive around town and look for Christmas lights


Grab some friends after sunset and drive around - sometimes you find some really awesome houses! Bonus points if you bring peppermint hot chocolate for the drive.

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