Academic goals, relationship goals, fitness and weight goals, beauty goals, talent goals, life goals – the list can perpetually go on! It seems as though we have things that we have a mental aspiration for, but sometimes we never actually do them. Well, as difficult as it is (even for me) to stick to my New Year resolution, there are certain life ‘hacks’ that we can practice to motivate us to continue and stick to our routines!

Hack #1

Sticky Note your goals

Use different colors. Say you use a lime colored one for when you started something, every achievement or progress ever since then, use a different color. In that way, you can track how far you have come. This really helps motivate you on the days when you feel like giving up.

Hack #2

Snapshot your goals and have it all over your life.

I mean all over! From your fridge magnets to your bedside table. From your screensaver to your phone screen! Everywhere that you see what you are ought to be fighting for, you are less likely to give the fight up. I also suggest changing up the snap every so often and also changing the locations. Seeing the same thing over and over again in the same place can make you inured to the sight.

Hack #3

Remember why you are doing it

This hack is for when you want to quit. People never really have resolutions if they didn’t have a motive in the first place. It was the motive that drove you to begin something so strenuous , so whenever your mind/body is overcome with feeble thoughts, ride back into your memories and plunge deep into why you began this whole big endeavor! Remembering that, you will have little reason to give up. If your reason is strong, your will is stronger.

Hack #4

Have milestone Markers

Some people set very high goals. This is a laudable thing, but it can be very exhausting and sometimes very aggravating. If you have goals that will truthfully only be realized after sometime, impatience will kill you. So instead of looking for immediate results, be content with minute, progressive results. For example, if you are making a ‘B’ instead of ‘A’, don’t be disheartened, keep working and you will get that A!

Hack #5


Some may call it daydreaming and some romanticizing, but this does help. Imagine life once your goal is fulfilled. Imagine at the end of the year when your goal has reached a certain vertex. For example, somebody trying to lose weight, imagine yourself in a span of six months after your work-out program. What results you do not see today, you will in six months if you stick to your plans. Just like nature, let your goals take their time. In the meantime, you mustn’t give up!

Hope this helped you with your much-needed help - With all this said, let us do this together!

Happy New Year resolution sticking!