Since today April 22nd 2017 is Earth Day most people are just going to share or retweet pictures of the Earth or pretty landscapes, but how is that appreciating or helping the Earth? Here are 5 ways you can help save the Earth (and not just on Earth Day).


Pollution is a major cause of Earth's destruction and people seem to think recycling is hard to do. Recycling isn't hard to do at all, putting a soda can in a different bin can make a world of difference. I see so many people just throw things on the ground or in a normal trashcan when those things can actually be recycle. So get informed and research things that can be recycled.

Different transportation

I get it, you need to get to a place fast and in a hurry so you don't have time to walk or ride your bike so you get in the car and go on your way, but that isn't helping the planet at all! If you walk or ride your bike instead of use a car you are reducing greenhouse gases while also burning some calories. Every car not on the road makes a difference.

Conserve water

You can start conserving water immediately and it isn't much work. Instead of doing just a half load of laundry, wash it in full loads. Instead of while you're brushing your teeth you keep the water going, shut the water off until you are finished. There are many ways to help conserve water and those are just a few. These are the little things that can help save the planet.

Pick up litter

As a member of a service club I volunteer many times when it comes to picking up litter whether around my school or the beach. People don't think of how they are impacting the Earth they just throw their down or out the window and move on. I know picking up someone else garbage doesn't sound like an amazing thing to be doing on a Saturday, but just think of how you are changing the Earth.

Buy local food

Hundreds of greenhouse gases get emitted when you transport food long distances. Buying local foods with less chemicals and not grown far away are helpful to the planet and healthy to humans.