5 Unconventional Ways to Wear Sherwani For Men
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5 Unconventional Ways to Wear Sherwani For Men

Sherwani For Men

5 Unconventional Ways to Wear Sherwani For Men

Congratulations on your marriage! The date is near – what are your preparations for your D-day?

New trends are coming every day, and we are sure you might be confused for good. But not anymore! We are here to help you dashing grooms look the best on your main day.

There are many possibilities for guys' wedding clothes. The world of groom fashion is now incredibly dynamic and energetic – all thanks to new designers and fashion trends!

The sherwani for groom, available now, has various colours, designs, stunning patterns, and luxurious fabrics. Understanding your sense of style and, most importantly, feeling comfortable are key factors in choosing a sherwani design. But which sherwani will you prefer? Of course, something that looks unique should be the ultimate goal. But how? Let's take a quick look at some of our favourites:

  1. An Ethnic Matter: A subtle yet extremely attractive option is a fabric with a rustic print or texture, such as raw silk or patterned cotton. Select a cloth with a gloss that can stand out on its own without embellishments or ostentatious work. Skip the beads and the stonework and opt for a fabric with its personality if you want to make it essential yet still stand out. You can add a stole to complete the regal appearance. There are also a lot of Jodhpuri suits available in similar styles that exude elegance and rustic appeal.
  2. Simple Is Best: Keep it upscale: Keep it simple if wearing a wedding sherwani is intimidating, and you don't know what to buy. Every sherwani collection has a wide selection of solid-coloured, self-patterned sherwanis in white, cream, and off-white. It won't be very bright and will have an exquisite appearance. To add a splash of colour and enhance the overall style, pair it with a maroon, deep green, or blue stole on one side. A necklace made of beads can be used as jewellery. Many grooms feel that the colours of the most recent bridal lehengas compliment their stylish self-work sherwanis and stoles
  3. Thread Work in Silver and Gold: You can choose a neutral colour like beige, white, cream, or even a full black or navy sherwani with silver or gold thread work all over it as opposed to going for deep traditional colours. You can go for an item with a few sparsely embroidered subtle designs or something covered in intricate embroidered patterns. To complement your partner's bridal outfit, wear a black sherwani with silver or gold thread embroidery. You may express yourselves while complementing each other because the colours won't clash
  4. The Modern Man: There are countless alternatives in the flowery sherwani for men. Wedding collection has them because contemporary men do not veer from pink and florals. It might be printed or embroidered and have a whole flowery pattern, a few floral motifs, or none. The groom is wearing a stunning sherwani that sticks out and looks fantastic.
  5. Soft Colors: Pastel-coloured sherwanis are the ideal choice for daytime weddings. All shades of pastel pink, blue, peach, and green look elegant and dashing. A Jodhpuri sherwani in a soft colour can appear incredibly regal. In today's market, pastel-coloured Indo-Western men's outfits are also very common.


Understanding your options and selecting a marriage sherwani that best suits your body type and personality can help you make the right choice. Choose your preferred look from the exclusive Sherwani range from Koranm, and grin like a million bucks as you pose for your wedding album.

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