5 Tips When Preparing for Senior Year
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Student Life

5 Tips When Preparing for Senior Year

Are you ready for your final year?

5 Tips When Preparing for Senior Year
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As an almost graduating senior, I can testify that the final stretch of any string of educational path is exciting, but it comes with its challenges. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride that I did not prepare myself for. There are challenges and increased stressors that students should take into consideration when planning for the oncoming years of education. Here are a few tips for doing senior year right.

Tip #1: Do not take a huge course load. There is a reason why advisors give you an education planning track to follow when scheduling classes. During your senior year, you want to be able to focus your time on planning for yourself and the future after graduation. This is a big mistake that I made when I scheduled my classes for this semester. I am currently pushing myself to take 21 credits (6 courses) and quite frankly I am burned out about now. I never have time during the day because if I am not in class, then I am doing assignments . As a biology major, a lot of my courses require laboratory time in addition to lectures. To give an example of how bad it can get I will give you an idea of my schedule.

Bottom line, do not overexert your course load unless you absolutely have to.

Tip #2: Make a list of priorities and buy a planner. Senior year moves extremely quick. One second I felt like I was brand new to the school year and within a blink of an eye, the whole semester passed by and I am left with a little over thirty days left until graduation. Many people do not use planners, but I believe it is one of the biggest keys to staying organized. Making a list of priorities in your planner will help get assignments done. It helps you utilize your time efficiently and cuts back any unwanted anxiety and stress that may come your way.

Tip #3: Take advantage of your time with friends. Many of my friends are from different areas around the country. We have all made so many memories that I will be able to remember for a lifetime. However, I realize that I may not see any of them for a very long time. Perhaps we will get together for weddings, baby blessing or random drop in trips, but it will never be the same. So tip #3 is to spend ample time with the people that have made your college experience everything that it is.

Tip #4: Do not bite off more than you can chew. I had to learn this first hand. I am someone who is confident in my abilities. This past semester, I thought I was superwoman because I believed in my capabilities so much. Turns out, superwoman needs her breaks too. My fourth tip is to know what you can handle with academics and extracurricular activities. On top of taking 21 credits, I proceeded to do a lab internship on campus, be actively involved in three to four organizations on campus, and work 8-10 hour shifts on the weekends beginning on Friday. Needless to say, I no longer work on the weekends and I have dialed down some involvement in the organizations that I was a part of.

Tip #5: Remember to love yourself. There was a point during this past semester that I started to neglect myself. Sleep deprivation and stress got the best of me and I did not feel like myself at all. My last tip is for everyone to remember to love yourself as you try to keep afloat the sea of things that you need to do. I recommend that students set aside some time to do something for themselves that will help you get out of the senioritis slump. Go for a walk, take a yoga or zumba class, draw, paint or even do a little dance. Make sure to do something for you. I have realized that this helps me cope through all the stress and helps me enjoy my senior year. Loving yourself and being selfish for some time everyday helps keep some positive energy in your life.

I know this article is entitled tips to surviving senior year, but in all honestly, I think these small tips can be applied in any spectrum of life. None the less, I can guarantee that these five tips will be extremely beneficial when trying to navigate through senior year. It is the beginning of the end of a long journey of long nights and early mornings. It may require a lot of coffee and a big load of motivation to finish strong and endure to the end, but like everyone says it will all pay off in the end.

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