5 Things Young Female Conservatives Are Tired of Hearing

5 Things Young Female Conservatives Are Tired of Hearing

The Left makes it so difficult to be a Conservative, let alone a young female Conservative.

The Colorado Observer

1. You're only a Conservative because you come from a wealthy Republican family.

Actually, negative. I come from a working class, blue-collar family. This idea that all conservatives are wealthy white men has got to go. In fact, most of the wealthy white men that I know are Democrats. Mike Huckabee said it best, "I'm not a Republican because I grew up rich. I'm a Republican because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me."

2. You're a strong, independent woman. You shouldn't be associating yourself with the GOP.

First of all, yes, I am a strong, independent woman. Second of all, why is the Democratic Party considered the party for "women's rights?" I'm so over hearing that only liberals work for women. I associate myself with the GOP because I prioritize Foreign Relations, the economy, and Homeland security over social issues... BUT, that doesn't mean I don't care about certain social issues. The GOP is the People's party, meaning that the GOP works on issues that are paramount to everyone, not just women and minorities.

3. You must be racists.

Seriously? If I had a dollar for every time a liberal threw that one at me during a heated discussion, I'd be rich by now! Lets go back to the last sentence of number 2. The GOP is the People's party. Conservatives believe in equality for all, not matter race or ethnicity. This is why Republicans oppose affirmative action, because they believe it provides certain groups with educational, political, and social advantages that are not available to other groups. Not because we are racists.

4. You must hate gays.

This is another one. Right up there with being a racists. It's just ridiculous. By branding me, a conservative, as "hateful" because I oppose gay marriage makes it seem as though liberals are implying that I don't believe gay's, lesbians, and transgender's are capable of loving and committing like heterosexual couples. That is just simply not true. Not everyone who opposes gay marriage oppose gay lifestyles. Marriage, for many, is a sacred symbol between and Man and a Woman. Not just for conservatives, but for many, changing this to suit gay's, lesbians, and transgender's would make the sacred act of marriage no longer, well, sacred. By the way, some of my favorite people in this world are Gay!

5. How can a nice young Woman like you be a member of such a heartless party?

This may be the one I am most tired of hearing. Heartless? Really? And liberals don't find it heartless when a 20-week-old baby is ripped from their mother's womb? But honestly, what makes a conservative so heartless? The fact that we oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants? Or that we would like to limit the number of Syrian Refugee's that are accepted into this country for obvious reasons. This is not xenophobia and it definitely does not mean conservatives are heartless. Conservatives are realists. We see the world as it really is and not how we would like it to be. Sorry, not sorry.

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