5 Things To Love About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate with family and friends. People spend it all different ways and at different times. Most people usually celebrate this holiday on Thursday followed by shopping on Black Friday.

One of the most important college football games come on the following Saturday. Thanksgiving week has so many important events that make thanksgiving so fun!

1. Food



Everyone loves Thanksgiving because of the delicious food you share with family and friends. Most families cook a huge feast to eat on Thanksgiving. Families usually cook many side items like mac n cheese, beans, and deviled eggs. Most families also have a lot of dessert-like pumpkin pie.

When everyone thinks of a Thanksgiving dinner, you think of ham and turkey. Ham and turkey have been served at Thanksgiving meals for so many years. Thanksgiving dinner with these foods goes all the way back to the 1600s. The Thanksgiving tradition all started with the Pilgrims.

2. Family


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Gathering with family is a huge part of the Thanksgiving celebration. Some families only see some of their family members during the holiday. Gathering with family and friends over a delicious meal is what Thanksgiving is all about. Thanksgiving is a holiday many families look forward to.

Family time is always the best time and especially when it involves food. Thanksgiving in my family is when I see some of my family I only see during the holidays. We are all so busy so the holidays are the only time we have with each other. Enjoying family time and a meal is a great way to spend Thanksgiving.

3. Football

Alabama Football

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Usually, on Thanksgiving, there will be some kind of football game on. People in the south love watching football. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is when one of the biggest games in college football comes on. The Alabama and Auburn game has always been played the Saturday after this holiday.

Some families do not ever gather to eat Thanksgiving until that Saturday. Families do this to eat a good meal, watch football, and see family all at the same time. In the south, we love family, football, and food. So having this huge game near Thanksgiving, is a huge advantage.

4. Weather



The fall weather is so beautiful. This is when the leaves turn yellow, brown, and orange. During the fall, the leaves start to fall and the weather starts to cool down. During the fall, the weather is so nice. The weather is not too hot or not too cold. It is perfect to be outdoors.

Fall weather is perfect for playing outside. It also is the perfect weather to go hiking or play outdoor sports. With the leaves changing colors and falling it makes being outside great with a beautiful view. Fall will always be my favorite because of the great weather and Thanksgiving.

5. Shopping



Everyone knows what comes the day after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Black Friday is when stores have great deals for Christmas. A lot of people shop because of the good prices and trying to prepare for Christmas coming.

Some stores nowadays, open Thanksgiving night and open early Black Friday morning. Some people even spend the night outside of stores to make sure that does not miss a deal. People go crazy over the good deals and working retail sure is not fun on this big holiday.

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