When people are caught up in the stressful and hectic nature of life, they tend to dwell on the bad things and forget to stay positive and focus on what favors they have been given in life.

1. Family

Your family is made up of people whom will always be there no matter what. Family never goes away. Sometimes, arguments and disagreements cause people to want to leave their families. However, due to both blood relations and proximity, it is impossible to leave family members. Family is a constant, so it is important to have good relations with your family members and appreciate them now while you have them.

2. The World we Live in

We live on this beautiful Earth, covered in beauty and abundant with resources that we need to survive. People often forget to appreciate the simple things that the Earth provides for us, such as water and oxygen. Without water and oxygen, we could not survive. People tend to neglect the simple and necessary resources that the Earth provides for us because we would not be able to survive without them.

3. Health

Sometimes, a simple health problem, such as a cold, can seem like the end of the world. However, people in this world are sick with life threatening diseases, such as cancer, that we tend not to be aware of unless we experience it ourselves. In third world countries, diseases like malaria afflict people, but we as Americans tend not to think about diseases such as that as being a problem because we have vaccines that can prevent life threatening diseases.

4. Wealth

Poverty is a prevalent problem in our world today. While there are people we may view as poor, poverty in third world countries is almost incomprehensible compared to the American view of poverty. People in other countries, and even in America too go weeks, and sometimes months without eating. Living in America where obesity is a bigger problem than famine, we tend to neglect the suffering that people in other countries experience. What may seem poor to people living in the western world is nothing compared to the poverty that people living in third world countries experience.


It is normal to get so wrapped up in everyday life that people often forget to be thankful for this life we live. Life is precious and each day is a gift, so it is important to be thankful for each day and appreciate the importance of it. There is no knowing when your life will end, so it is important to treat each day as if it is your last. Living life with an appreciative attitude and without any regrets is so important, but forgotten by many people.