1. Your confidence raises immensely.

Now that you have realized how truly amazing you are, nothing can stop you. You don't have any fear or intimidation. You are positive about your actions and do not second guess a thing that you do. This is brave.

2. You stop feeling incomplete.

You stop searching for more than what you have. You know that you are whole on your own. You fulfill yourself more than anybody else ever could.

3. You're happier than you have ever been.

Your whole attitude about life changes. You appreciate the little things more than you ever did before. Everything starts to make more sense and you are more at peace with yourself.

4. You don't let toxic people in your life.

You used to constantly allow toxic people into your life but this is something you will no longer allow yourself to do. Even though you may care about these people, you know that it is bad for you to continue any type of relationship with them. You finally realize that all they do is drag you down and that isn't what you are about anymore.

5. You make better choices.

Now that you love yourself, you respect yourself more. Therefore, you make choices that benefit you. You no longer make choices that hurt you or will set you back.