It takes a special type of person to want to become a social worker, there is a constant need for them. But there is a type of negative connotation surrounding the whole aspect of social work and social workers. Here are the top 5 most common things I hear about my major.

1. There's no money in social work.

You're point? News flash people not everyone goes into a specific field for the money, yeah I don't want to be broke the rest of my life but that's where a budget comes into place.

2. You're gonna get burned out.

Is it common? Yeah. Is it gonna scare me? No.

3. So you want to take kids from their families?

No, I don't want to take children from their families, but on the other hand if it's for a child's safety I will do it. Also, people tend to forget that there's different types of social work.

4. How are you going to deal with not being able to save every kid you work with?

Okay you got me here, it's going to be extremely difficult to deal with not being able to save them all, bull all I can do is just do everything in my power to help.

5. Do you have a backup plan?

Um no, not yet but I'm sure I can do something with my minor in psychology.

So even after doing countless hours of research and comparing different career choices I'm still going to stick with social work.