5 Things To Do To Get Ready For High School Swimming
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5 Things To Do To Get Ready For High School Swimming

What are you doing do get prepared?

5 Things To Do To Get Ready For High School Swimming
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If you are a participant of a high school swim team, then you are most likely familiar with the nervousness and anticipation of the few days before the season actually begins. I know. I've totally been there. The excitement, fear, known and unknown all begin to creep into the mind with attempt to take over. And if we aren't careful, those thoughts and feelings actually do begin to take over and mess with our mental game before the season has even started.

My recommendation for you? Take ahold of what you can control during those precious preseason days rather than letting those days take a hold of you. Here are some very practical tips that can help.

1. Get in the water before the first day of practice.

If you are a club swimmer, then this is no problem. But, what if you're not? That first week of practice is going to kick some serious booty. The least you can do is get in and feel the water before official practices start. When my swimmers come asking what they should do before the season starts, this is the first thing I say. If you have any ability to get to a pool before that first day, you won't regret it. Gaining back the feel for the water is significant, but remembering that you love the water for what it is? It's priceless. The sooner this can happen, the sooner you can begin to focus on other parts of training. You don't have to do thousands of yards during this time--your coaches will help you with that later. But, you do need to get in and swim.

2. Start developing specific goals and how you are going to reach them.

Most likely after your championship meets last season, you knew what your goals for the next season were going to be. However, a lot happens in 9 months, and it is natural for some of those goals to slip to the back of the mind. With only days away, begin to think of those goals again. Set the bar high for yourself, and don't be afraid of them. Write them down, discuss them with teammates (especially relay teammates), and let your coach know beforehand what you want to accomplish this season.

3. Listen to your pump up playlist.

Something happens to me when specific songs come on that remind me of swim season. And when I listen to the whole playlist before the season begins, it becomes difficult for me to contain my excitement. Music reaches parts of the soul nothing else can, so get your head in the game using it. Looking for some new songs? SwimSwam wrote a great article giving some great swim meet music.

4. Reach out to the new swimmers.

You know who they are. There is no secret of who the new freshman joining are. Be a leader now. Reach out to them now. Go out of your way to find them. And when you do, find out something about them, encourage them, let them know you are available if they have any questions, and that you are excited to be on the same team as them. Not only does this action help with team unity, it helps to remind you why you swim. Try it. I dare you.

5. Do whatever you can to be inspired.

Follow Olympic swimmers such as Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps on social media, make a Pinterest board that is filled with motivating quotes, watch inspirational YouTube videos like this one, fill your mirror with 3x5 notecards with dream times, post pictures in your locker, talk swimming with each other, and know it is never too early to get ready for an incredible high school swim season.

The bottom line? You. You are in control of getting prepared for your high school swim season. Are you doing what it takes to be as ready as you can be?

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